Raising Creative and Entrepreneurial Kids

Raising Creative and Entrepreneurial Kids

  • Is “education” killing our creativity?
  • “Fun time” is when songs are written, novels are penned, paintings are created, recipes are developed, forts are built, musical instruments come to life, and businesses are started.
  • My brother had a passion for firestarting and campfires and lighters when he was younger….and now he wants to pursue glass-blowing!
  • My 5th grade son ran his restaurant from his little tent in the backyard.
  • Selena Schulz age 9, wrote and self-published a book last summer titled “A Bed A Buck A Buddy; Cici’s Amazing Birthday”.
  • My son is making around fifty dollars per week for about an hours work with his snack business.
  • Austin wrote a check on his 16th birthday for a white four door 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 with money earned from his Sporty Citrus business.
  • Nathan started with Legos – now he’s a Civil Engineer.


Here are Six Summary Principles from Jen McDonough – thanks Jen

  • Let them have problems
  • Let them be bored
  • Foster their creativity by understanding and respecting how they are wired and passions
  • Let them get dirty
  • Set aside the rule book
  • Smile at the irritating things

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