Can’t we just be normal?

Can’t we just be normal?
  1. How do I deal with a wife who has a different personality?
  2. Is the entrepreneurial lifestyle as perfect as it sounds?
  3. I like stability – my husband likes change.  Can we survive together?
  4. What does this make possible?
“If it’s important to you, it’s important to me!”  Joanne Miller


Show Notes:

Episode – 07-01-16

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In this episode, Dan is joined by his friend, confidant, and all-around rockstar wife Joanne Miller. Listen as Dan and Joanne dive headlong into the various elements that equate to a healthy, happy marriage. They also talk about entrepreneurship, the importance of overcoming distinct interpersonal differences, and why it’s so important to practice the principle of “YES” with your children.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:38 – Preview of Today’s Show with Joanne, on living the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle
    • How do I deal with a wife who has a different personality?
    • Is the entrepreneurial lifestyle as perfect as it sounds?
    • I like stability—my husband likes change—can we survive together?
    • What does this make possible?
  • 01:25 – The appealing lifestyle
  • 01:50 – Adventure, curiosity, and awe—the elements that make life worth living
  • 05:36 – Personalities Styles—Why Can’t We Just Be Normal?
    • 07:49 – Any strength when overused is a weakness
    • 08:54 – The austere Christmas
  • 11:20 – Conservative Mennonites don’t get excited about anything
  • 12:40 – Read in a Haven of Peace— search Joanne Miller
  • 13:30 – Embrace the difference between you and your spouse
  • 13:59 – Never undermine the other parent
    • 14:22 – Say yes to just about anything you children ask you unless it’s immoral or dangerous
    • 14:49 – The default response for most parents is NO
    • 18:40 – If you want to have a better relationship with your children, you need understand your children.
    • 21:35 – Don’t try and re-wire your child, re-wire your learning to your child
  • 25:25If I want to be treated well, I need to treat everybody else well
    • 26:16Don’t let them not like you
  • 27:04 – If you want a successful marriage, embrace each other’s talents
  • 29:44 – Don’t live your life subject to What IF?
  • 32:22 – Being your own boss gives you peace and comfort in that you only answer to yourself
    • 32:50 – When you work for yourself there’s also a boatload of stress
  • 33:00 – A good education will get you where you want to go…NOT true
  • 35:10 – Focus on what you do REALLY well
  • 38:50 – Marriage is about making it a win-win for both spouses
  • 40:12 – Joanne has had 23 different homes in her life
  • 41:40 – Kids get their sense of security from their parents
  • 42:20 – “Security is a superstition” – Hellen Keller
  • 43:00 – Progress, by its very definition, requires change
  • 46:03If it matters to you, it matters to me

3 Key Points:

  1. You don’t need money to have a REALLY fun Christmas.
  2. Say yes to just about anything you children ask you unless it’s immoral or dangerous.
  3. If you want a better relationship with your child, you have to understand that child.


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  • Archie

    Ms. Joanne SO reminds me of Mrs. Zig Ziglar! Zig use to say “Ms. Jean is a happy huger. If it moves she would hug it, if it didn’t move, she would dust it off and sell it!” 🙂 I love this podcast! It re-enforces what Gloria and I are striving to do. And yes, she and I are also total opposites, which makes life even more exciting! But we embrace it and live each day together as fully as we can together. And about those little ceramic tiles, we would LOVE one of those. “If it matters to you, it matters to me” is such a powerful and important quote to live by. What a world this would be if that was everyone’s favorite quote. And thanks to Dan and Joanne for making your awesome contributions to that cause. Love you both.

    • Archie – thanks for your comments. I’d love to get you one of those ceramic tiles. Joanne and I are still in England so I don’t have a list in front of me. Have we sent you a copy of her new book?

      • Archie

        Awesome Dan, thanks! And nope, I’ve been thinking of ordering some copies of Joanne’s new book. Need to get those into the hands of some family and friends also.

        • Archie – I’ll have Terri shoot a copy over to you pronto.

          • Archie

            As always, you are the man. Thanks buddy. And you two have fun, be safe, and get back to us soon.

  • The DISC Profile for marriage and relationships, very cool! Thanks Dan and Joanne..

  • adam garey

    Well if you had bloopers talking about such deep material I still would be surprised because you both speak well on your feet. Joanne are you cloning yourself? Thank you for your openness and Lord Bless you all. She loves you a lot Dan! Congrats!