Create the Workplace your team brags about

You deserve to create your dream team.

Your team deserves to be excited about Mondays.

Many companies are struggling to create a culture their employees brag about, keep the right people, and find suitable candidates to then fit into that developed culture.

48 Days DISC Assessments can help you reveal your team members’ sweet spots so every person plays the RIGHT role, reaches their potential, and feels max satisfaction at work.


We hear you. 

And we have a solution. 

Ace a new language of awareness and understanding...your big fat easy button.

 Let’s make creating culture easy.

This is what the 48 Days DISC Team has done for many companies over many years.

We believe 85% of the process of truly thriving in the workplace is knowing yourself and knowing others.

The DISC Assessments have been a powerful tool we’ve seen completely transform teams as they better understand how to motivate, challenge and empower individuals to work in their strengths.

With just 24-questions and instant results, you’re equipped with a “cheat sheet” to get the results you’re looking for.

Not sure what a DISC assessment really is? Click here for the full breakdown.

3 Steps To Your Dream Team

Step 1: 

Learn the Options

We want to ensure you know what you’re getting and all your questions are answered! In addition to getting the profiles, you can customize them, bring in coaching or a workshop, and more. Connect with Myhriah to discuss your unique situation and try a sample report. You can contact her here.

Step 2:

 Get Your Resources

We have a variety of profiles to offer, each complete with customization and various ways to purchase. We’ll work with you to ensure we’re delivering exactly what you need, and can add in pages and a company logo to really have these as a part of your company. Pick what profiles you want here, and work with Myhriah to get it presented just as you’d like.

Step 3:

Know Your Team

We want to make it easy for you! As soon as anyone on your team takes a DISC assessment for businesses, the result will go directly to whomever needs to see it so you can instantly move forward with implementing the insights you recieve from it. If you need further direction/analysis, we have the support you’re looking for. 

Meet Myhriah Young

As the “First Impressions Director” at 48 Days, Myhriah, loves to talk all things DISC and how to make your business flow through the relationships created. We spend a lot of time in the workforce and are well aware of how a toxic atmosphere of disconnection can cause the bottom line to suffer, not to mention staff that dreads coming to work each day. 

Myhriah will walk you through any questions you have, how to customize these profiles so they are truly a part of your company process, and can even discuss workshops and other training to build your confidence in utilizing these tools. 

I am building a team for my business and had some struggles in the past making sure everyone was in the 'right seat on the bus'. After speaking with Myhriah, I realized I didn't have a solid understanding of everyone's personality types. I wanted a better understanding of how to communicate with my team, and delineate tasks that would make them happy and keep them active and interested. Myhriah suggested taking the DISC assessment to start, and then an individual and group consultation. After learning more about ourselves, our communication and personality styles and what made us the most engaged, we were able to leave that discussion armed with new knowledge and a plan. I've never been this happy with a group, and finally feel in control and confident in our outcomes as a group. I'm also noticing my clients seem happier with our work and THEY are more engaged. I highly recommend working with Myhriah if you want to know yourself better or are part of a team.
Jason Elkins
Owner 100 Cups Consulting, 100 Cups Academy

You can jump straight in and get started with our top DISC assessments right here. With discounted bulk purchase and subscription options, it’s easy to set this up and have a simple process to ensure you have the DISC assessments you need at any point. Full details on each page.

**Pricing on our DISC Profiles will be increasing soon. 

Take advantage of our current bulk assessment discounts so that EVERYONE on your team can benefit from the insights of DISC!**

A bit more about what the 48 Days Company is all about…

We have been working with individuals and companies for over 20 years now with this mission:

Our mission is to foster the process of imagining, dreaming and introspection, to help people find their calling and true path, and to translate that into meaningful, purposeful and profitable daily work… all within 48 Days!

We work with individuals and businesses to ensure their companies are thriving – with a clear purpose, plan, and roles so the synergy created is a successful propeller for a business that truly works. Beyond DISC assessments and certification, we offer 1-1 Coaching, an entrepreneurship-minded membership community, and plenty of accessible online courses and resources in our store. Contact us for more information on how DISC assessments can benefit you and your team.