Dan Miller is the author of the New York Times best-selling book 48 Days To the Work You Love, No More Dreaded Mondays and Wisdom Meets Passion.

Get answers to your most-asked questions about finding or creating work you love on his weekly podcast, which consistently ranks in the top three under careers on iTunes. Find out more about Dan and the 48 Days Team.

Slide 48 Days Eagles Helps Entrepreneurs Keep Their Momentum "It is so important for entrepreneurs and those wanting to start a side business to find a way to keep that momentum going and find a like-minded group of people that will spur you on and encourage you. With weekly trainings with successful online business owners and daily interactions with mentors and seasoned business owners who can offer us their expertise, 48 Days Eagles offers that momentum. I receive that daily inspiration that keeps me pushing ahead to attain the goals that I’ve set for my online business." - Greg Tosi Slide - Tanya Hargrove No More Dreaded Mondays Is a Must Read! "Dan Miller gives a key to breaking free of a conditioned mindset that he calls a paycheck mentality. His book wakes up the hidden, dominant trait of greatness of his readers in every refreshing page that is read. As a result, this causes a domino effect in his reader’s lives that leads them to an innovative and revolutionary lifestyle.” Slide 48 Days Kept Me From Mindlessly Sending Out Bad Resumes "I have spent my entire professional career with the same company. I never really had to do a professional interview. I never even actually had to fill out an application or send out a professional resume outside of college. The time finally came when I was ready to move on to something bigger and better. Not ever having any real interviewing or resume experience scared me to death. After reading the book and applying it I was successful with a very nice company. The statistics and direction in the book are great. I honestly believe I would still be mindlessly sending out bad resumes and following up on them
if it had not been for 48 Days .”
- Andrew Wehr
Slide The DISC Personality Profile Is a Perfect Tool I just took the DISC personality profile and was a bit surprised by my results: primarily because my job makes me feel like I need to be a lot more dominant than I actually am, and a lot of stress and fatigue ensues. What I really like about this personality measure is that there is a lot of material to accompany it. I enjoy having a wealth of information at my fingertips, thus the amount paid to take the questionnaire is worthwhile in the print-outs accompanying, the free bonus materials and the satisfaction that I'm on a journey to self discovery. This is the perfect tool for individuals wanting in-depth solutions to their work and calling needs.” - Britta Jensen Slide I Highly Recommend the DISC Personality Profile For Coaches I use this test in all of my coaching packages in my coaching business. It is a great assessment to begin the coaching engagement with every client - gives a good snapshot and enough detail to really get a lot of benefit from it. For those trying to discern a new career path, the Career Match section gets the ball rolling for many individuals. I love being able to have this test branded for my coaching business as well.” - Terri Sullivant Slide Coaching Mastery Helped Me Figure Out
How To Make a Living As a Coach
I had been a coach for a longtime, but I wasn’t making a living at it. In the first session, Dan drew a map on how to make a living being a coach. That helped me understand the process and how to invest my time and effort and be efficient with it and not be all over the place. The coaching community he’s put together is one of the most positive groups of people I’ve ever been a part of it. - Dan Adkins
Slide Eagles Coaching With Dan Was an Enriching Experience I eagerly looked forward to each conference call and with good reason. They were filled with experience, wisdom and guidance. Eagles Club Coaching was so valuable for my transition. It provided me some discipline to move through the action items and helped me to harness a purpose that was buried deep within. Reading Dan's books, listening to his podcasts, engaging with him for coaching and joining in the 48Days community has set me on a new path, truly to the work I love. - Deb Ingino