Know Yourself
Know Your Calling

What are your strengths?

Have you ever really thought about that?  Are you a visionary, a delegator, supportive, or analytical?  When are you “in your element”?  Do you thrive in crisis situations, or crave consistency and planning?

DISC loginIf you aren’t clear on your own strengths, how can anyone else see them?

Here’s a true story for you:

Nathan was a charismatic young man fresh out of college and newly married, eager to go out and make a living for his new little family. After applying at one job after another, he finally accepted a position at a bank as a relationships banker. He quickly won the hearts of both his coworkers and clients as he got to know them all and brought some life and fun into an oftentimes somber workplace.

With his excellent leadership skills and quick thinking, within six months he was promoted to a leadership program to get him on the fast track to management.

Coming back as a manager, he was now put in the role of managing…and firing…his peers.

He moved to a new town to open up the first branch in the area, and his days shifted from connecting with the clients to pushing his employees to meet the numbers.

Success was measured by quotas and financial statements, and he spent more time in a closed office dealing with conflicts and making sure the numbers lined up.

His people skills got him into a higher paying position…and directly moved him out of his strengths and into a role that sucked the life out of him. He was frustrated, isolated, and horribly demotivated.

If you’ve ever heard of the “Peter Principle“, this is a classic example. What happened is he “rose to the level of his incompetence” – he was great with people in his first role, so he was promoted – and with each promotion, he was moved further from the people connection he thrived in – and thus, rose to a point that he was not living in his strengths, and he got burned out.

Success in one role does not equal success in every other role.

Having a clear understanding of your strengths is paramount
to your level of success.

What if you had a resource at your fingertips that would give you immediate access to discovering not only your strengths that you can bring to both business and personal life, but also understanding your stress points, what motivates you, and how to best communicate with others?

When you discover your unique behavioral style, it unlocks a new world of possibilities. Understanding what drives us and the strengths we thrive in eliminates the guesswork in how we communicate with others and accomplish our greatest successes.

Understanding the personality styles of coworkers, managers, employees and even your own family lays the groundwork for fulfilling relationships, productive teams and greater personal and professional success.

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  • Classic DISC Profile
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The backbone of our company is based on a clear understanding of personality styles. Even with Dan’s widely popular books and resources, the DISC Personality profiles are our best-selling product. Dan uses these with every client he sees, and it opens the doors for creating a clear focus on finding – or creating – the work they love.

Why DISC Personality Profiles?

The DISC profiles have been around since the 1920s and are backed by years of validity testing. In less than 20 minutes, and by answering only 24 questions, you immediately get a report back with 25+ pages of insights into how you can thrive in any situation and best communicate with others.


In every profile, you get:

  • Historical Character match – find out what people in history had a similar personality style to you
  • Communication tips – including motivational characteristics, your value to a group, and personal growth areas
  • DISC in the Workplace – how you relate to others at work
  • PowerDISC – Your strengths in leadership
  • Career Match – a starting point for ideas on where your personality style thrives
  • Optional Biblical Overview and Match – find out who in the Bible had a similar personality style, and how you can use your style as your spiritual gifting to positively impact others
  • Your Personal Image Assessment – How you respond under pressure and how you tend to see yourself
  • Action Plan – for improving your interpersonal skills

Our DISC profile tests are fully automated. The results are immediately available for download with no need for hard copies.


You have five powerful profiles to choose from. Want to know exactly what each report offers?

Click on one of the images below to download a sample report:


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Know yourself, know your calling. Become an effective communicator,
building powerful and positive relationships both at work and at home.

There’s more:

Any of these profiles can be purchased in larger quantities at reduced rates, and can be fully customized with your branding as well as additional content.

Simply click through to any of the profiles above, and you’ll see options to purchase in multiples of five for drastic discounts.   

Instead of an affiliate partnership, we offer our profiles like this where you have the resources at your fingertips to create this into your own branded product.

DISC for business

With a 5-report minimum order, you get:

  • Your logo/branding on the front cover
  • Additional pages – add in your company mission statement, a note from the founder/pastor, bonus materials such as a video, link to eBook or product, etc
  • Rearrange the order of pages to whatever fits
  • Optional Biblical references and career match (can omit all Biblical for secular roles, delete the career match for hiring purposes, etc)
  • Embed the login on your own website so they stay on your site
  • Custom email support for your needs

DISC for Coaches & Entrepreneurs

  • Fully customizable report branded for your business
  • Immediate product to re-sell
  • Add in your own bonus resources to create a unique report
  • Add the profile in your coaching packages as a tangible product
  • Credibility in your business as a tried-and-true product
  • DISC Certification opportunity – comes with ten free reports to get you started!

DISC for Business, Churches, Organizations

If you’re:

  • Frustrated with your leadership
  • Struggling to motivate your team
  • Dreading performance reviews/need teambuilding resources
  • Experiencing high employee turnover
  • Looking for solid resources to hire the right fit

DISC for Families

  • Get 5 reports at a discounted rate and take it as a family
  • Learn family dynamics and how to connect
  • Access to a free eBook on DISC Quick Tips for Families (upon request)

Still have questions? Our DISC Specialists are happy to lend you a hand. Reach out to us anytime.

Love DISC and want to speak to others about it? Check out the DISC Certification Program – 4-hour online course to be certified, and ten FREE reports to set up and use immediately with your clients or team!