Why did I pass up that job opportunity?
Why did I drop the ball on my fitness routine?
Why can't I connect with my teenager?
Why did I go to the store and buy everything, but what I needed originally?
Why do I self-sabotage when I’m close to a goal?
Why did I bark orders to my family when I was just motivated to start getting a project done?
Why do I keep going to a job that is sucking my soul dry?
Why did I speak in anger to my kids last night when I love them more than anything?
Why do I stonewall my spouse when I truly want a closer relationship?

Course—DISCovering You

Do you want to understand yourself and others better?

Do you want to improve your communication, teamwork, and leadership skills? If so, NOW is the time to discover the power of DISC Personality assessments and how they can open the door to the "language of empathy."

DISC is a popular personality assessment tool that helps people understand their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of others.

The 4 quadrants of the DISC Personality Test represented by birds: parrot, eagle, owl and dovel.

build relationships. achieve your goals.

In this course, you will learn about the four DISC personality styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. And we’ll move beyond those basic definitions to how you can also be Driven, Inspiring, Supportive, and Curious. You will also learn how to use DISC to improve your communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.

By understanding your DISC style, you can learn how to communicate more effectively, build better relationships, and achieve your goals.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand your own DISC style and the styles of others
  • Communicate more effectively with people of all personality styles
  • Build better relationships with people of all personality styles
  • Use DISC to improve your leadership skills

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for this course today and start learning about DISC personality styles!

DISC has been a key component of the 48 Days company since the very beginning.

We saw the power of deeper connection through understanding how to communicate in a way that others will respond best.


As the daughter of Dan & Joanne Miller, not only have I been fascinated by psychology and human behavior, I’ve had this tool in my own life for as long as I remember. Understanding DISC was key in the Miller home growing up, and it helped us create different relationships that allowed us to connect with others in a way they wanted to be treated.

You see, the golden rule says to “Treat everyone how you want to be treated.” And, while that stands true for core values like integrity, honesty, kindness, and empathy, it’s not always the best option. When it comes to effective communication to meet a goal, do a task, etc, your best option is to “treat each person how they want to be treated.”

This course equips you with a valuable language of empathy. It gives you the tools to communicate in a way that fosters the highest likelihood of positive interaction with others, taking into account how you – and they – process. 

Maybe. . .

  • You’re more likely to get a solid yes on that proposal when you deliver it with the bottom line in mind and keep things succinct with bullet points.
  • Your daughter is more likely to eat her vegetables when you make it “fun” with a little food scene on her plate.
  • Your relationship with your partner completely shifts when you start making space for time to process before moving forward.
  • Your confidence in that interview for your new job comes from your being able to clearly identify the strengths you can bring to the company.
  • Spending that extra time for some small talk is exactly what is needed in order to make your new client/friend/customer/coworker feel at ease.

The Course

What You’ll Get

What Motivates and Scares You & Them

Get an in-depth look at what motivates each of the four personality styles, what they are afraid of, and what may trigger reactions so you can connect with them on a deeper level.

Learn How To Thrive In Your Strengths

There are no good or bad personality styles, but understanding the strengths that are uniquely yours can help you find the best place for you (at work and in life).

Get Communication Tips For Each Style

Whether it's communicating with a spouse/partner, your kids, team members or clients, these tips will help you, but first you have to understand your personality style and theirs.

A true connection is when you can communicate with someone in a way that is both effective and meaningful. This means being able to tailor your message to their individual needs and preferences so that they feel heard and understood.

Here are some specific ways to do this:

By following these tips, you can build stronger relationships and create deeper connections with the people around you.

  • Be mindful of their communication style. Some people prefer to communicate in a more direct and straightforward way, while others prefer a more indirect and subtle approach. Try to adjust your own communication style to match theirs.
  • Find a common ground – look for something to bridge differences so you both feel seen.
  • Be respectful of their feelings. Be mindful of the words you use and the way you say them. What may not be a big deal to you may trigger something personal for them. Their feelings are theirs alone. Seek to understand vs. define.
  • Be open to feedback. If they tell you that you have said or done something that has upset them, be willing to listen and apologize – others perceive your intentions based on actions, which may not always align with their perspective. 

So what will you get from this course?

All the tools to move from communication to true connection, just like we've laid out here! Here is a full overview of what to expect:

Module 1

Who Are You?

Are you a duck who is trying to climb a tree? Thriving in your strengths

The History of Personality Styles Research

A Bird’s Eye View of the 4 Personality Styles

The Right Side of the Brain

Module 2

The High Energy Styles (D and I)

D - Strengths and Fears

Communication Tips for and With a High D Personality Style

I - Strengths and Fears

Communication Tips for and With a High I

The Power of the 7-second Pause

Module 3

High Processing Styles (S and C)

S - Strengths and Fears

Communication Tips for and With an S Personality Style

C - Strengths and Fears

Communication Tips for and With a C Personality Style

Module 4

Personality Styles In Real Life

A Close-Up Look At the Graphs

Putting Your Best Step Forward To Sell and Motivate

Applying What You’ve Learned To Your Life (Getting the Job You Want, Building the Business That’s Right For You and More)

Who Are You and Why Are You Here With Dan Miller

BONUS: Learning Styles and Encouraging Phrases

Using What You’ve Learned To Strengthen Relationships

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