Know Yourself,

Know Your Calling.

Do you dream of a job or career that you love going to — something that is meaningful, purposeful AND profitable? We want to help you find out what that looks like for you.

What Your Personality Style Says About Your Next Job or Career

85% of the process of finding the work – and life – you love starts by looking inward first, by looking at your unique personality style along with your skills/abilities and your values, dreams and passions.

A dream job looks different for each one of us. Some of us may light up when it comes to speaking to a large group and changing their lives while others may really “get in the zone” when they are working behind the scenes, crunching numbers.

At 48 Days, we have used the DISC Personality Style Profile to help thousands of people just like you understand themselves and what they really want so they can go after the job, business or career that they will love.

personality style assessment.

The DISC Personality Style Assessment is your big fat easy button.

With this simple 20-minute online personality style assessment, you’ll get an insightful view of “who you are” in a work environment and can determine what work best suits you











Good Listener






3 Steps

To the Language of Empathy

Step 1: Learn the Options

We want to ensure you know what you’re getting and all your questions are answered! In addition to getting the profiles, you can actually get bulk rates, customize them, bring in coaching or a workshop, and more. Maybe you’re using this in the interview process or to better lay out your resume. Maybe you’re interested in this for your whole family. Connect with Myhriah to discuss your unique situation.

Step 2: Get Your Resources

We have a variety of profiles to offer, based on your focus. Whether you’re looking at your selling style and how to best sell to others or how to stay motivated with the fitness plan that works for you, we have you covered. Pick what profiles you want and you’ll get instant access to the report as soon as you complete it.

Step 3: Know Your Network

We want to make it easy for you! As soon as you take a DISC assessment, the results will go directly to you so you can instantly move forward with implementing the insights you recieve from it. If you need further direction/analysis, we have the support you’re looking for.

And, this is your “easy button” for others to learn how to best communicate with you.

Get Started Today!

DISC Assessments for Individuals

You can jump straight in and get started with our top DISC assessments right here. Choose from any of these four, and learn a new level of understanding for how you can best recharge and thrive.

Sales Profile

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Classic Profile

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Fitness Profile

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Christian Profile

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personality style assessment.

Additional Benefits of the DISC Personality Assessment

Create a deeper connection with your loved ones by identifying their strengths and understanding how they can stay motivated.

Communicate better with those around you — at work and at home.

Develop an action plan to improve your own interpersonal skills.

Great for families or teams who want to learn to work better together.

Great for parents who want to motivate their children by working in their strengths

Meet Myhriah Young

As the “First Impressions Director” at 48 Days, Myhriah, loves to talk all things DISC and how to make your business – and life – flow through the relationships created. No matter where we are in life, we’re interacting with others, and the more we can empathize and understand how they react and respond the way they do, the more we can speak in a way to truly connect.

Myhriah will walk you through any questions you have in this process – it’s an awesome insight into self-awareness and empathy for others!


A bit more about what the 48 Days Company is all about…

We have been working with individuals and companies for over 20 years now with this mission:

Our mission is to foster the process of imagining, dreaming and introspection, to help people find their calling and true path, and to translate that into meaningful, purposeful and profitable daily work… all within 48 Days!

We work with individuals and businesses to ensure their companies are thriving – with a clear purpose, plan, and roles so the synergy created is a successful propeller for a business that truly works. Beyond DISC assessments and certification, we offer 1-1 Coaching, an entrepreneurship-minded membership community, and plenty of accessible online courses and resources in our store. Contact us for more information on how DISC assessments can benefit you and your team.