Find the Right Coach for You

Are you dreaming of a better life? 

. . .a life you don’t want to escape from? Find the right Life Coach to help you navigate to your dream!

Maybe you’ve landed on this page because you’ve hit a breaking point. You’re burned out, overwhelmed, and unsure of the next step. Maybe you’ve already painted the picture of that life of your dreams, yet you’re stuck on the steps to get there. 

Working with a life coach or career coach is often the first step many individuals take as they plan for a career move, a new job, a promotion, or anticipate a new “season” in life.


If the need for a change has come unexpectedly, it’s easy for self-confidence to be low and frustration to be high, with the effects of these spilling over into family and personal life.

Making changes of this magnitude, especially without any counsel, can be very intimidating, but it can also be the most exciting time of your life – if you see it as an opportunity to take a fresh look at where you are and where you want to go.

Think of working with a life coach like working with a cartographer – they can show you the map of tools and how to get there, and you are the curator of your destination and the story you want to create.

A life coach can help you identify your goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and provide support and accountability along the way. They can also help you overcome challenges, build confidence, and make the most of your talents and abilities simply by bringing your awareness to your blind spots and curating the tools to navigate what comes your way.

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No pressure – this helps us connect you with a coach to discuss your options – no investment until you both agree it’s a great fit!

How to Find A Life Coach

Find A Coach That’s Right For You

There is a lot that goes into finding the perfect life coach:


We have a variety of different specialties - each coach brings their own unique skill set to the table, and our aim is to match you with the best fit for you, not simply the person closest in proximity.

Our professional life coaches provide coaching in a variety of areas, including:

Career Strategizingㅤ|ㅤResume/Interview Assistanceㅤ|ㅤFinancial Planningㅤ|ㅤSpiritual Directionㅤ|ㅤHealth and Nutritionㅤ|ㅤAnxiety and ADHD Coaching ㅤ|ㅤDiabetes Guidanceㅤ|ㅤMarriage and Parentingㅤ|ㅤUnderstanding Personality Styles and Cultivating Healthy Relationshipsㅤ|ㅤAlternative Education Modelsㅤ|ㅤOverwhelm and Minimalismㅤ|ㅤBusiness Growthㅤ|ㅤArtist Developmentㅤ|ㅤWriting Excellence ㅤ|ㅤTechnology Issues and More


Our coaching packages range between $250-$12000. The process of finding a coach doesn’t have to be scary - no payments are made until you’ve both agreed it’s a good fit and you’re ready to move forward. The first step is filling out an application, and Ashley will connect you with a coach. At that point, you’ll talk with them, discuss your situation, and they’ll propose a coaching package that fits what you’re looking for. At that point you’ll determine payment and if/when you’re ready to move forward.

Personality Fit

Yes, you can have a coach who is an amazing expert in their field and even fits your budget, yet you just don’t quite jive with them for whatever reason. That’s okay! We want to ensure you’re fully comfortable with your coach, and we’ll work with you to find the one that really “clicks” with you so you can stay focused on moving forward.

Tell us a little about yourself and your goals, and Dan’s daughter Ashley will match you with the perfect coach for you.

Note: there’s no obligation right now and no cost to get our recommendation.

All About Life and Career Coaching Services

Frequently Asked Questions

This coaching process is not traditional counseling. While counseling focuses on the past, life coaching and career coaching are very future-oriented. Coaches don’t dwell on where you were or where you are as much as being your guide and accountability to get you where you want to be. They reference the past only in relation to how it can move you forward, and the goal is to start with where you are today.

Coaching takes a variety of forms. Sometimes, just one or two calls are all that’s needed to get you started on the right track (most of our coaches offer both phone and video options). Other times, coaches recommend a series of sessions over a longer period of time. It is typically faster-paced than traditional counseling with accountability and action steps incorporated into the times between sessions.

We work with clients on setting priorities and goals, identifying your “unique value,” and walking with you through the steps of taking action that will enable you to achieve a higher level of success in a particular area.

This addresses all aspects of your life, and each coach has a different specialty – finance, career, home, fitness/nutrition, relationships, spiritual development, etc.

Some coaches specialize in certain aspects, like writing a resume, functioning with ADHD, or understanding personality styles in your home.

A Career Coach zones in on the specific area of helping you find success in your career or vocation. We recognize that work models are changing. The old model of a traditional 8-5 job is not the only choice.

In working with professionals from all areas, we explore consulting, freelance work, franchises, and entrepreneurial opportunities as well as traditional career paths. The correct focus for this can only be discovered by knowing what is unique about you.

We started our coaching services to really focus on finding the work you love, and recognize the bigger picture of creating the whole LIFE you love – and that’s why we offer coaching in more areas than simply career.

Pricing varies depending on the coach and the type of coaching. For instance, Dan’s daughter Ashley has a coaching package to help people understand their DISC Profile for $450, while Jevonnah Ellison has a VIP Coaching Experience for $12,000.

Meet Our Coaches

Ashley Logsdon

Eagles Dean of Family/Relationships
The uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us – Move from reaction to intention by helping you thrive in your strengths for a deeper connection with others. Cultivate the relationships to support the life you want to create!

Personal and Business Relationships

Sheila Davis

Marketing Strategy, Communication, and Content Development Coach
Helping identify your ideal customer and message so you can build a relationship with and serve them.

Specialty: Email Marketing, Digital Marketing and Content Development

Marianne Renner

Eagles Dean of Mindset
Helping gain clarity and confidence to achieve your goals and dreams

Specialty: Mindset, Leadership & Problem-Solving, Health Care Industry

Erik Johnson

Eagles Dean of Podcasting
The premiere coach focused on the art of podcasting — The Podcast Talent Coach

Specialty: Podcasting

Jevonnah Ellison

Eagles Dean of Coaching
Clarify your purpose and amplify your strengths

Specialty: Leadership and Female Professionals

Greg Gray

Eagles Dean of Business
Helping others reach their full potential by finding their purpose in life and true joy in God’s promises

Specialty: Business and Strategy

Jen McDonough

Eagles Dean of Speaking
Lead coach for emerging speakers at the Wealthy Speaker school, plus speaker on resilience

Specialty: Speaking coach and speaking to high-stress service industry

Nick Pavlidis

Eagles Dean of Writing
CEO of Morgan James Publishing, founder of Ghostwriter School

Specialty: Ghostwriting, Expanding Your Message Reach

Myhriah Young First Impressions Director 48 days team

Myhriah Young

AI Prompt Creationeer, Confidence Coach
Focused on helping people activate their dreams and find their next step. Speaks on creating a company culture your team brags about.

Specialty: DISC, Company Culture

Les Hughes

Les Hughes

Founder of EntrePastors; pastor; author; publisher; ghostwriter and writing coach.
Helping pastors and others with a ministry background achieve financial and time freedom.

Specialty: Leveraging Ministry Opportunities

Angela Chatham

Helping high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs increase clarity, focus, and confidence to “Boldly Lead & Succeed in Business!”

Specialty: Leadership and Career Coaching

Mark Ross

Leadership & Personal Development Coach
Partnering with clients through personal transformation & professional transition

Specialty: Retirement and Encore Living

Sharon Hurley

Sharon Hurley

Helping overwhelmed CAREGIVERS provide the highest quality care for their aging loved ones while reducing stress for all.

Specialty: Caregiver Support

Michael McGreevy

Helping LEADERS live courageously, maintain balance, and build a legacy worth talking about

Specialty: Male Leadership, Anxiety

Jared Angaza

Brand/Strategy Coach
I design strategies and identities for disrupters, influencers, and the futuremakers of the world.

Specialty: Brand Identity & Business Strategy, Spiritual Guidance

Joanne Miller

Helping you discover your own creativity and channeling it in an outlet that opens your soul and shares your message.

Specialty: Creativity, Unlocking The Book Within You

Dan Woerheide

Dan Woerheide

Helping military veterans and other leaders navigate major life and career transitions. Entrepreneur, military veteran, leader, and transformation coach.

Specialty: Veterans

Chuck Marting

Chuck Marting

A business leadership coach who focuses on entrepreneurial business success and workplace safety solutions.

Specialty: Entrepreneurial Business

Terri Sullivant

Terri Sullivant

Partnering with you to mine the treasure in your life; to discover, dream and do the life you were born to live, so you can fulfill your divine destiny!

Specialty: Christian Life & Leadership Coaching

Ryan Reger

I help entrepreneurs gain clarity on how they can create multiple streams of income from their talents, skills, and abilities

Specialty: Private Label with Amazon, Revenue Streams

Sara Anna Powers

Faith-centered Success Coach, podcaster, and copywriter who’s passionate about helping motivated women create thriving online businesses.

Specialty: Female Business Owners

Micki Vandaloo

Providing clarity for grant writers struggling with job performance or work/life balance

Specialty: Grant Writing, Work/Life Balance

Edna Wischkaemper

Bilingual experienced and accomplished corporate consultant, coach, and trainer in individual development.
Helping people turn their potential into high performance to achieve their own success.

Specialty: Company Culture & Engagement

Angie and Alan Thomas

Alan & Angie Thomas

We help overweight men and women lose the pounds that hold them back from living the future they are destined to live.

Specialty: Permanent Weight Release

Brawn Lide

Communication and Leadership Development with a John Maxwell Approach

Specialty: Visionary Leaders/Entrepreneurs