Can everyone do work they love?

Can everyone do work they love?

  1. If everybody applied your philosophy how would the “dirty jobs” get done?
  2. The new stand up at your desk opportunity –
  3. The Freedom Journal with John Lee Dumas

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“Irritated oysters make pearls.”  Dan Sullivan

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  • adam garey

    Yes It is a compliment! Substance outweighs “READING COPY” everytime..You make it sound easy Dan..I know it is not easy:) Just a radio-behind-the- scenes- guy.

  • Jordan Peterson

    Especially loved this podcast Dan! And I agree 1000% with the review of your podcast! That was a really really good description of why I love you and what you do!

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  • Laura Wise

    Where can I find the song at the end and who performs it? Thanks!