I have ideas but no action

I have ideas but no action

  1. I’ve been offered a promotion but fear getting stuck in a JOB
  2. Why is it just because I have a disability, they discriminate against me from accomplishing my dream?
  3. How can I break my cycle of not taking action?
  4. Can I grow my list or should I throw in the towel?
  5. My life is too cluttered – what can I do?   Ruth Soukup


“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” ― Carl Jung

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Episode – 04-15-16

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In this episode, Dan tackles a wide range of questions from the 48 Days community and shares an interview with Ruth Soukup, author of Unstuffed, on how to declutter your home, mind, and soul. Tune in for questions from budding entrepreneurs and advice from Dan’s own work and life experiences.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:22 – Preview of today’s topics and questions
    • I’ve been offered a promotion but fear getting stuck in a JOB
    • Why is it just because I have a disability, they discriminate against me from accomplishing my dream?
    • How can I break my cycle of not taking action?
    • Can I grow my list or should I throw in the towel?
    • My life is too cluttered – what can I do?
  • 02:07 – Today’s Quote
    • “I was good but not great” – David Foster
  • 4:20 – Today’s Resources at 48days.net
    • Dr Jason Cabler – 9 Ways to Build your $1000 Emergency Fund Quickly – 48 days.net
    • Chris Colville – He’s renting the local community club house to run a 48 Days seminar
  • 07.00 – Question from Craig: I’m building a business as a financial coach, but I’m struggling to decide on a reasonable price for my services.
    • A lot of people in financial trouble don’t have money – that’s a pricing challenge
    • People are accustomed to getting free financial advice
    • You’ll likely have to build revenue streams that aren’t just from financial coaching
    • Any calling can be an opportunity for ministry
  • 09:15 – Question from Jack:  I want to build a part-time business taking care of holiday homes. What’s an effective way to get my foot in the door?
    • Take a weekend and put a flyer with your information on it onto 50 doors
    • Draw a 5-mile radius around your area and contact people in person
    • Go and talk to your target audience directly
    • Either you win or you learn
  • 14:15 – Question from Jack: I’ve been offered a promotion that I’ll enjoy but I fear being stuck in a JOB.
    • Describe what you want your life to look like 3 years from now.
    • If you want to be working full-time in your passion and think you can do that within 18 months, then don’t take the promotion
    • But if you think you’ll still be in a job for the next 2 years or more, take the promotion
  • 17:10 – Question from Craig: Why is it just because I have a disability, they discriminate against me from accomplishing my dream? I want to be a sports broadcaster.
    • I assume you don’t have a voice disability? If it’s a physical disability, there’s no reason you can’t start a sports podcast online.
    • There’s nothing stopping you from achieving your dream. You don’t need to wait for anyone else
    • If you’re trying to get a traditional job as a sports broadcaster, then there are barriers. But if you’re willing to jump in, then there’s nothing stopping you.
  • 19:14 – Question from Grant: I have around $300 to try to increase the audience for my blog. I’ve been blogging weekly for almost a year and only have 18 people on my list. Can I grow my list or should I give up?
    • Personally, after a year I’d give up.
    • Could you model yourself on other people who are in your field?
    • Comment on three blogs for every blog post you write
    • Write guest posts and ask for guest posts. Engage with people!
    • Michael Hyatt has a free course for growing your audience Edit (6/6/2017) link to free course no longer available
  • 24:50 – Interview with Ruth Soukup:
    • Ruth has a brand new book: Unstuffed
    • How do you go about decluttering your home, mind and soul?
    • “The stuff in our lives can weigh us down”
    • Ruth boxed up her children’s things when they couldn’t keep their room clean
    • She expected them to want the things back – but they loved having less stuff
    • Ruth built an audience by blogging at Living Well, Spending Less
    • “Even when people seem like an overnight success, they’ve been slogging behind the scene for a long time”
    • A lesson from Dan: “Every time someone asks me the same question three times, I create a product”
    • “I could never have imagined five years ago when I started my blog that it would bring me to where I am today”
    • The key to building an audience is addressing what people are struggling with
    • Define your core message: then you can coach, speak, or write
  • 39:30 – Innovate is back at the Sanctuary on May 26th-27th
  • 40:37 – Question from Julie: I’d love there to be a life skills course for kids in our area – including innovation, career building, and domestic skills
    • You can make a difference today by teaching your own kids
  • 44:30 – Question from Tom: I see myself as an entrepreneur. But I struggle with implementation. How can I break my cycle of acquiring knowledge and not doing anything with it?
    • Entrepreneurship relies on knowledge, understanding, and application
    • Consider reducing your workload in order to create time to work on your entrepreneurial plan. Carve out a little time to work on your new venture.
    • No new opportunity in your life will appear without change
  • Upcoming conferences and appearances
    • Social Media Marketing World – San Diego, CA April 17-19th
    • Coaching With Excellence – Sanctuary, Franklin, TN  May 12-13th
    • Innovate – Sanctuary, Franklin, TN  May 26-27th
    • New Media Europe, London – London, England  June 18-19th
    • Podcast Movement – Chicago, IL July 6-8th
    • The Ultimate Advantage Cruise – leaving from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Feb 12-19th 2017


3 Key Points:

  1. You don’t need anyone’s permission to start doing what you love. Take the leap – get in the game.
  2. Declutter your life. Think about what unnecessary things are taking up space, time, or energy…and find ways to cut them out.
  3. No new opportunity in your life will come without you making a change. If you want to have something new, you need to do something new.

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  • “If you want to be a superstar, find a field with a steep Dip–a barrier between those who try and those who succeed. And you’ve got to get through that Dip to the other side. This isn’t for everyone.”–Seth Godin

  • Catherine Graham Peterson

    Just FYI, in reference to the question from the lady who asked about life skills for her children, I am a Family Consumer Science Teacher in a public high school. Our programs are in high schools nationwide. I belong to a facebook group with almost 5000 members, all Family and Consumer Science teachers. We teach Foods and Nutrition, Apparel and Clothing Design, Parenting and Child Development, Interiors and Housing, Personal Finance, and on and on…. Just within my Foods 1 class, I cover nutrition, meal planning, shopping, food preparation from all food groups and types, etiquette and table manners, table settings, basics of kitchen design and use, food safety and sanitation, and more. That’s just in Foods 1. Don’t think it isn’t being taught, because it is. The issue is the value placed on these skills and whether or not students sign up for the classes. Usually a high school student who is headed to college has no room in their schedule for our classes, or very few of them in their high school career.

  • Exceeding Grace Homeschool Aca

    I so enjoyed this podcast. It spoke to every. single. thing… that I am going through right now. I now know that I am on the right track as I was hesitant and gathered a lot of information without taking action. I may be sitting here at this desk but I am running on the inside. Thank you Dan!!

    • Ah that sounds exciting! That running on the inside will turn into running on the outside toward the dreams you’re bringing to life.