You gotta pull the trigger

You gotta pull the trigger

  1. Help – I’m losing my passion for what I thought I loved.
  2. When should I discuss salary in my job negotiation?
  3. How can I find books on grief to resell on my website?
  4. I cant seem to get myself to take the next big step.
  5. I have had no problems getting interviews for jobs and the interviews seem to go great but then suddenly everything comes to a crashing halt and I don’t get the job.

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“You make me want to be a better man.”   Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets

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  • A P

    Wow – timing of Joshua’s question and Dan’s reply so very synchronistic to my life. After trying for a decade to make it big in the world of musical theatre, I think I’m about to decide to turn the page on that because I also have lost my intense passion/desire to perform in that genre. I’ve had more frustrations and rejections in this area than I care to remember and this is NOT how I want to experience the rest of my life. Perhaps I can still use my gifts and talents in another way (indie music artist, speaker, TV actor) which will also bring me ALOT more money as well as the lifestyle I truly want, which I don’t think realistically musicals would not be able to bring from a financial standpoint.I think I have to give myself permission to turn the page with my head up high… – Alain PS>As much as this episode was called “Pull the Trigger”, it could also be called “Pull the Plug”! 😉

    • adam garey

      Hey AP..I miss Theatre in a Comedic and Dramatic tone.Hearing supposed Gig Breakers say yes or No and mostly no hurts! It is very personal I know that…sometimes they can be so impersonal..If you find that Musical Theater helps define you rethink it. Creating Video Content with your Musical Input is possible today! Less expensive today.How BIG is the Internet now ..just a few years ago Video and Audio seemed so sketchy. Today a Rival to Conventional avenues! Don’t let them bring you down personally. Have you seen HAMILTON or heard about this Broadway Musical? Based on our American Historical Figures done by a Colorful Cast using Hip-Hop and RAP! Take care:)

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