How can I be more confident?

How can I be more confident? 

  1. From scared to start to $10,000/month
  2. After 25 years with my current company, I am burned out.
  3. Should I “burn the boats” and just quit my job without having a new one?
  4. I dream of being successful but I am frequently hesitant, unsure, negative about my chances of success…
  5. Do you have any ideas on how to rent a space (cheap) for about 30 students?

Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.” – Thomas Carlyle

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Show Notes:

Episode – 02-10-16

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In this episode, Dan focuses on the theme of confidence, specifically, how we can build more confidence. Listen as he walks through an array of questions, and helps listeners answer tough questions surrounding their careers, financial circumstances, and entrepreneurial aspirations.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:58 – Today’s theme:
    • How can I be more confident?
  • 01:30 – Preview of today’s topics
  • 02:15 – Today’s quote is from Thomas Carlyle:
    • “Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.”
  • 02:50 – The Whitestone Inn
  • 04:35 – Success Story from Alex Barker—From scared to start to $10K/Month
    • Wrote himself an email in 2013—I’m scared to start
    • Self-doubt gets you nowhere
    • In 2015?—Making $10K/Month with 90% Profit
    • Keep Hustling!—eventually you’ll be successful
  • 07:35 – Looking for a new name to a video podcast Dan is going to start
    • Grand Prize is going to be a replica bronze casting of an Eagle
    • Send ideas to
  • 11:12 – You’re worth it! A great twist on “It’s my pleasure”
  • 12:18 – Former Celebrity Personal Assistant looking for help with her book sales—Life in the Fame Lane
    • Get rid of “Celeb Asist Gal”—put your real name in there
    • Get a new cover—you need a better design
  • 15:35 – Daughter jumping into the day-care business but I see red flags—advice?
    • Loans, partners, and franchising—it’s all high-risk
    • 10-12% of revenue is going to be kicked back to the franchise
    • A legal partnership? Easy to get into, hard to get out of
  • 19:23 – When is the best time to send resumes? Where should I start looking? “I feel like I could do anything!”
    • Feeling like you can do anything?—not a good thing—it pushes you into the lowest common denominator. If you can do anything, you might as well go serve French fries at McDonalds
    • Your desire to do “whatever is needed” is not going to push you up the economic ladder
    • Identify what your economic advantage is—what makes you amazing? What makes you better than your competition?
    • Separate yourself from the herd
  • 21:27 – After 25 years with my company, I’m burned out. I need a fresh start. What do I do?
    • The first thing you do is look internally
    • Don’t just jump into applications and opportunities—look inside yourself—what do you want?
    • Create a clear understanding of your personality, passion, and skill
  • 23:47 – I was binge resume sending until I stumbled across an awesome, pro-charity app
    • The app is called Drops
    • Send an email to Info@Drops.LA – Put “Dan Sent Me” in the subject line
  • 26:00 – There’s power in “burning the boats” but there’s also risk—can you give me advice for my situation?
    • Never put in your two weeks’ notice—especially when you have a 5 month old and only $5K in savings
    • It’s too easy to conduct the job search and interview, while you keep your current job
    • Replicate your current income before you give notice at your current gig
    • If you need to quit your job to “take action” towards a new career—there are bigger underlying problems
  • 33:40 – Coaching isn’t a serious, somber process—it’s fun! It’s electric!
  • 35:30 – How do I get connected with a quality life coach?
  • 37:37 – The power of connection
  • 37:56 – I dream of being successful but I am frequently hesitant, unsure, negative about my chances of success…I long for that missing sense of empowerment to achieve. How do I find it?
    • (as of 2/20/18 this link is no longer working)
    • How do you get confidence?
      • Just decide to have it
      • Be authentic
      • Get momentum, take action
      • Surround yourself with a supportive community
      • The Magic of Thinking Big
      • Be a front seater
      • Practice eye contact
      • Walk faster—seriously
      • Speak Up, Smile Big
    • 46:24 – Do you have any ideas on how to rent a space (cheap) for about 30 students?
      • Check with the local chamber of commerce
      • Check with libraries, hotels, and restaurants
      • E-spaces


3 Key Points:

  1. If you’re trying to get into coaching that’s GREAT, but remember that coaching needs to be a fun, energetic, and educational process—not a somber one.
  2. A willingness to “do whatever is needed” will NOT help you climb the economic ladder—you need to identify what your gift is.
  3. Want to be more confident?—smile big, smile often, surround yourself in a supportive community, and start taking action.

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