Help us with a name and win this beautiful eagle

Give us a great name and you could be the proud owner of this bronze eagle replica.  Read on….  Athena replica1

Do we serve best from a full cup or an empty cup?  People often spiritualize having nothing – that somehow living in poverty is more Godly than having plenty. And yet we know a pure heart and an empty bank account can’t feed the hungry or build a school in Uganda.

I recently did a 5 minute video to demonstrate the different ways we may view having “enough.”  I hope you find it stimulating and inspiring.

Giving from a full cup

I am going to be doing more short lifestyle videos like this in the upcoming weeks.  The 48 Days Podcast will stay the same as it is but these videos will be put on our YouTube channel just as a way of communicating some of the most frequently asked questions.

And we need a name for these 3-5 minute video segments.  Joanne will be joining me for some of them. 

I want the 48 Days brand to be clear so it could be:

  • The 48 Days Entrepreneurial Lifestyle
  • Living, Loving and Working with Dan & Joanne
  • 48 Days Tips to Success and Meaning

I’d like something really memorable.  I watch others in this vein and of course love Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

I’ll be taking suggestions through February 29th and will announce the prize winners in my March 4th podcast (as well as notify you personally).  With similar names the early entry will rank highest.

You, the readers, have designed The Sanctuary, outlined the landscaping around Aristotle, and named both of our eagle sculptures.   You’ve always come through with creativity and helping me see things with new eyes.  Here’s your chance once again!


Update 03-02-16 – The contest is now over.

From the various ways people sent suggestions I then printed off 37 pages of potential names that Joanne and I sat down to review.  Here are our selections with Determined to Prosper being chosen as the name of our new video podcast.

Video Podcast Name

37 pages of suggestions

  1. Determined to Prosper – Andrew Miller
  2. Seeds from the Sanctuary – Greg Gilbert
  3. Eaglevision – Brian Evans

Thank you so much to each of you who took the time to send in a suggestion.  We value your input!

Part of what brought Andrew’s suggestion to the top was his note:

In Chinese culture, many numbers are considered lucky or unlucky, and one of the luckiest numbers is, you guessed it, 48! The meaning of the number 48 is Chinese numerology is ‘prosperity” or ‘determined to prosper’ (according to Wikipedia). So that’s my title suggestion! “Determined to Prosper”. I think it fits the hard-work ethic of 48 days and the prosperity mindset, and it has the bonus of being tied into the number 48. 🙂

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