It’s my pleasure


It’s my pleasure

  1. Interview with Dee Ann Turner on “It’s My Pleasure”
  2. Is the coaching market in Nashville saturated?
  3. I have lunch scheduled with a millionaire – what should I ask him?
  4. It’s my pleasure – a brief interview with DeeAnn Turner – VP of Talent at Chick-fil-A


“It’s my pleasure!”  Our phrase for the week


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Show Notes

Episode – 02-10-16

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In this episode, Dan shares some sterling success stories from the 48Days Family, lists the 12 key questions to ask a millionaire, and conducts a quick interview with DeeAnn Turner, VP of Talent at Chick-Fil-A and author of It’s My Pleasure.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:01 – Dan kicks off the show—The importance of the things we say
  • 01:00 – Today’s theme?—Why do we love to say “it’s my pleasure?”
  • 01:12 – Today’s questions
    • Is the coaching market in Nashville saturated?
    • I have lunch scheduled with a millionaire – what should I ask him?
    • It’s my pleasure – a brief interview with DeeAnn Turner – VP of Talent at Chick-fil-A
  • 02:27 – Today’s quote of the day
    • “It’s my pleasure” Chick-Fil-A
  • 04:55 – Successful people don’t stop learning
  • 05:09 – Dan’s upcoming schedule
    • Lunch with Ken Davis in Orlando
    • Social Media Marketing Work in San Diego
    • Innovate in Franklin
    • New Media Europe in London
    • Podcast Movement in Chicago
  • 07:23 – Thoughts from Debbie, a former attendee at Innovate
  • 10:45 – Starting to talk Chick-Fil-A
  • 12:29 – Start of interview with DeeAnn
    • 13:15 – How “it’s my pleasure” became a part of the Chick-Fil-A vernacular
    • 15:45 – The different feeling/attitude between “no problem” and “it’s my pleasure”
    • 17:28 – Matching personal character in employees with “it’s my pleasure”
    • 18:09 – Be very careful with who you give the yeast to
    • 19:27 – Pick the right leader and they’ll take care of all the other problems
    • 23:18 – The Snowmageddon story
    • ­25:00 – DeeAnn’s contact information
  • 26:47 –Success Stories
    • From Diana “Last July, I took Alan Jackson’s Stop and Go Beta-Course on My focus for the year was to develop my speaking but goal of the course was to sell a book at the back of a room…”
    • From Tiana “Was just here for Coaching with Excellence, I learned so much and I’m so grateful for all the knowledge and wisdom shared…”
    • From Brandon “Thank you for all you do between your books, podcasts, community and more…”
      • 32:10 – Quitting a job is not quitting your responsibility. It doesn’t mean giving up. A job is just a tactic to get to what you really want.
    • From Kate “Hi, I’m new to, I joined this group to get into coaching…”
  • 35:40 – From Kate: Is the coaching market in Tennessee saturated and can we do it online?
    • Yes, you can absolutely do it online—I’m rarely in my office
    • No, the market is not saturated—we’re just scratching the surface of what people need in the way of coaching
  • 36:24 – From Gwen: “Do you hold any specific credentials from coaching organizations? If so which ones? Do you have any experience with ADHD? What about professional coaching for teens and young adults?”
    • The way you become great as a coach is by coaching
    • There aren’t any real, robust coaching certification services
    • Go to
    • People don’t really care about credentials in the world of coaching—all they want to know is: are you impactful?
  • 39:40 – From Lauren: “On a very recent podcast, you noted numerous instances where people framed their reference of you in terms of being a grandfather…cutting to the chase, there’s a timelessness to what you do. Please keep it up.”
  • 41:08 – From Todd: “I’m a father of 5…I have an idea and I’d like your opinion on it. It’s a Pay-It-Forward card that allows people to track the ripple effect of their generosity online…once I have the card and website set up, would you be willing to try the card and website out and give me feedback?”
  • 43:35 – From Jenny: “I have my first millionaire lunch scheduled, but I don’t know what to ask…do you have some questions I can use?”
    • How did you get started?
    • What do you know now you wish you’d known when you were just starting?
    • Did you use a detailed business plan?
    • To what do you attribute your success?
    • Do you have a problem you’re trying to solve that I could be of help?
    • “What’s the most important lesson you ever learned?”
    • “What is the legacy you want to leave?”
    • “What’s your most important habit?”
    • How would you spend $500 to improve your business?
    • What is the most important characteristic in your life that has helped you succeed?
    • Where do you see yourself in ten years?
    • What’s a motto or quotation that you live by?


3 Key Points:

  1. There’s a massive difference in feeling and impact between something the phrases, no problem and it’s my pleasure.
  2. A job is just a tool to take you where you really want to be.
  3. Millionaires aren’t some rare, exotic animal—they’re literally everywhere (even at Taco Bell)…you just need to know what to look for.

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