Do I have to be great to succeed?


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Episode – 04-22-16

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In this episode, Dan tackles a variety of questions from the 48 Days community, while keeping the conversation focused on a quote from David Foster: “I was good, but not great.” Listen in to learn why you don’t have to be great to succeed – and to learn all about online business in an interview with Jim Cockrum, Amazon sales guru and bestselling author of Silent Sales Machine.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:10 – Preview of today’s topics and questions
    • I have $2600 – how can I double my money?
    • My daughter creates custom made blankets for babies/kids and pets. How can she increase her income?
    • What books do you reread every single year?
    • How can I get out of a family-owned business?
  • 02:17 – Today’s Quote
    • “I was good but not great” – David Foster
  • 4:20 – Today’s Resources at
    • Dr Jason Cabler – 9 Ways to Build your $1000 Emergency Fund Quickly – 48
    • Chris Colville – He’s renting the local community club house to run a 48 Days seminar
  • 15 – Question from Troy: You often talk about finding a way to use your passion to make profits – not directly through the passion, but in related field. How can I turn my passion for fitness into a living?
    • David Foster: “I was good, but not great” – if he’d been a better musician, he would have been in an orchestra.
    • By finding an alternative way to use his passion, he became incredibly successful
    • Massage therapists boomed along with the back problems caused by computer programmers
    • Samuel Brandon became the first millionaire of the California Goldrush – by selling supplies to miners
    • You don’t have to be great to succeed – sometimes when you are less ‘successful’ you find a different path that works for you.
  • 11:15 – Question from Dean: My daughter creates custom made blankets for babies/kids and pets. How can she increase her income?
    • When you’re doing something like that, it’s time- and labour- intensive
    • It’s not ‘scaleable’ in the traditional sense
    • One woman has been successful selling patterns for doll clothing – moving from a physical product to a digital product
    • How can you make something once and sell it a thousand times?
  • 16:48 – Interview with Jim Cockrum, author of Silent Sales Machine
    • Jim writes the same book every year – he updates the version
    • People who have bought one copy receive the updated version for free
    • “I’ve turned my readers into my marketing staff”
    • Amazon success stories
    • Jim’s course on successful selling on Amazon
    • People become incredibly successful selling physical items online
  • 29:10 – Question from Greg: What books do you reread every single year?
  • 19:14 – Question from anonymous: I have $2600 – how can I double my money?
    • Doubling your pay in an hourly-pay job is unlikely to happen
    • What could you do to make $2600?
    • Spend money on silver at garage and estate sales, clean it and sell it online?
    • Buy a fixer-upper home and do it up?
    • Become the graffiti removal expert in your town?
    • Take what you’re skilled at, put a little money behind it, and look for opportunities
  • 39:50 – Question from Amy: How do I stay motivated now that I’ve got started as an entrepreneur?
    • Set goals. Identify what you want to accomplish this year and track yourself.
    • Be personally disciplined and create structure for yourself
    • Get in a Mastermind group
  • 41:50 – Question from Landon: How can I get out of a family-owned business and start my own company?
    • What are your unique skills?
    • A family business can be really tough to work in – if you think it’s time to move on then get out
    • Don’t just walk away – make it a reasonable business exit and get your fair share
    • Understand yourself. What do you do really well? What do you enjoy?
  • 44:30 – Question from Barbara: You’ve mentioned an organisation that makes loans in developing countries. What’s the organisation
    • It’s called KIVA
  • Upcoming conferences and appearances
    • Coaching With Excellence – Sanctuary, Franklin, TN May 12-13th
    • Innovate – Sanctuary, Franklin, TN May 26-27th
    • New Media Europe, London – London, England June 18-19th
    • Podcast Movement – Chicago, IL July 6-8th
    • The Ultimate Advantage Cruise – leaving from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Feb 12-19th 2017


3 Key Points:

  1. You don’t need to be the best to succeed. Often taking a more unconventional path leads to work where you excel.
  2. Look inward. Focus on what you’re skilled at, and what you enjoy doing. Put a little money behind it, look for opportunities – and you’ll have started your entrepreneurial journey.
  3. Think about scaling – how can you make something once and sell it a thousand times? How can you turn your current products into opportunities for growth?

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  • I just finished listening to this pod my podcast player on me cellular device.
    Came here to look at linkage for Jim Cockrum.
    Thank you for your encouraging words and encouraging us to “look outside of the box.”
    I want to reread How To Win Friends… again.

    Note: The title and subtitle is missing on this page.