How do you recover from failing?

1.  The “issue” is that I end up switching jobs every 2 years. I don’t feel like it is something bad for my career. Am I crazy? 2.  When I find that new job, how can I offer references when the people I currently work with are so toxic? 3.  What should the rest of us that have only worked entry level jobs put on our resume besides an exhausted list of duties? 4.  How do I battle fear of success? I don’t mind failing at all, but thinking of success tends to freeze me up. 5.  How does one … Read More

How do you stay motivated if you don’t have a support system?

1. I can’t seem to make enough money to support my family on eBay? 2. If I charge a monthly membership fee for my educational website would that violate “Fair Use” of news articles, pictures, etc.? 3. How do you stay motivated if you don’t have a support system? I am surrounded by non-starters whose contribution is a constant chorus of negativity. 4. I have a phrase/slogan I am considering putting on T-shirts, mugs, hats, etc., but don’t know the first thing about doing this 5. What steps can I take to ensure my business continues operating if I am … Read More

What should I do if I’m addicted to leisure?

1. As an introvert, how can I make money with my art and music? 2. Dan, have you had mentors along your journey and if so, how did you come across them? 3. What advice could you give me to earn a healthy income with my writing? 4. I think our education system is good at producing good factory workers, horrible at producing innovators. 5. I am hiring for a great opportunity and I am a little shocked that no one has tried to call me about the position. 6. What should I do if I’m addicted to leisure?

Dan,will your ideas work if I don’t know God?

1. Is it true that “winners” never quit? 2. Dan — You gave me a $3000+ piece of advice — thanks 3. Do I need consent/release agreements from people I interview, take photos of, video tape etc.? 4. I would like to know if your suggestions will work for those who do not know “God”. 5. How do you go about finding your next line of work that does not feel like work?

My boss yells and screams. What would Dan do?

1. Last October, I had a stroke and had to have immediate brain surgery. Can you suggest some strategies for dealing with this kind of situation? 2. I work in a job where my employer and some co-workers treat me very poorly. I can’t reason with them, as they would yell and scream if challenged. What would Dan do? 3. How do I apply Covey’s 7 habits to car sales? How do you grow that winwin trust in an hour or less? 4. I was not encouraged to dream growing up so I’m finding it difficult. Are there any good … Read More

Should I give up my dreams for my kids?

1.  Do you have any additional pointers regarding negotiating salary for jobs with non-profit organizations.? 2.  A whistle-blower lawsuit was the Kiss of death to my career, life, and etc. it has been 4 years… without job… any thoughts? 3.  Should I cut back on my church volunteering to start my new business? 4.  I’m wondering about how an external Locus of Control affects spirituality. 5.  My fatherly instincts tell me to sacrifice my dream for the kids, my soul screams to pursue a new career. What do I do?

When is it okay to be a pastor?

1. Can I make money as a dealer of unique and/or vintage CARS and Trucks? 2. My work has sucked all the creative juices out of me. Now I can’t think of anything I would “love” to do. 3. If CEOs are being fired how can any of us have job security? 4. So how do I establish myself as a (paid) speaker? 5. When is it okay to be a pastor?

Are there still new ideas left to start?

1. Are Government Grants difficult to get? 2. How do I decide on a price for the pies and rolls I want to sell? 3. Should I find one job and stay with it until I retire? 4. What if I don’t want another corporate job? Do I have any options? 5. Why do you promote starting a business when most businesses fail? 6. Are there still new ideas left to start?

I’m good at a lot of things – not great at any

1. Is it prudent to write it with a pseudonym? I have a high profile job and it if takes off I don’t’ want all the attention? 2. Where can a teenage author find a publisher? 3. How should prioritize all of my varied interests? 4. Anything I’ve been interested in and passionate about seems to have a two year attention span. 5. Can I reprint and sell your material as long as I show you as the copyright holder? 6. Isn’t it risky moving my family to another country without a career plan?

Should I feel guilty?

1. How do I stand out in a sea of candidates who are all more qualified than me? 2. How soon would you recommend following up to not seem too pushy? 3. How I can focus my varied skills on a concrete path? 4. I have to step down from my church job because I’m not making any money, and I feel guilty! 5. A friend and someone I looked up to at church gave me a small business that I don’t enjoy. 6. What is your opinion of CrowdFunding for launching my business?