Can I make money giving things to people in need?

1. Can I make money as a consultant to new musicians? 2. I have been searching for my passion for the past 16 months. Does James 1:8 apply to me? 3. Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, is offering $100,000 to 20 students to leave college and develop their innovative ideas working with entrepreneurs. Dan, what do you think? 4. Can a high C/S personality style person be a good mortgage salesman? 5. I’m a school counselor & over-worked but my job is totally secure. Should I invest the time and money to get my counseling license? 6. I am 24 … Read More

Why your book is only the tip of the iceberg

1. How can I ask for more money when I get a new offer for a job? 2. Can I use quotations or proverbs without anyone’s permission? 3. What is your opinion on paying a onetime fee for a financial services business? 4. How can I transition into selling full-time in Mexico? 5. I am 51, been with same company for 30 years, I have never liked my job. When should I retire? 6. What is the turnover rate for your independent contractor positions?

The more I follow your and Dave Ramsey’s teachings the fewer friends I have

1. I’ve been struggling with feeling super depressed — truly losing hope at times. 2. Dan, what product(s) do you have on the horizon? 3. My wife comes from wealth. She wants the security another j-o-b supposedly provides. I don’t, however….. 4. There’s this guy named Anthony Simonie, who does a web promotion for foreclosure cleanouts. Is he a scammer??? 5. Do you believe there are personality types that never get 100% clarification on their purpose or calling?

Should I stay with the love of my life or follow the career that I love?

1. My ideal life would be to work in Africa part of the year and be in the states the rest. What would you suggest to support myself and do ministry? 2. What would I charge for staging homes for sale and how much do I pay my helpers? 3. I have interviewed for many school administrator positions but it seems to be WHO you know determines who gets the job 4. How does a job seeker get around the online applications that ask if you’ve been fired? 5. I see a need to teach good customer service skills around … Read More

What If Your Passion Doesn’t Pay?

1. With the explosive growth of small businesses I want to start a Small Business Concierge service. 2. Ever heard of Michelle Matthews and her Home Cash Flow Solutions? Is this for real? 3. My dream is to start my own IT consulting business, but I find myself being paralyzed with fear over leaving my (somewhat) secure, though, unfulfilling job. How can I overcome this fear? 4. How is it possible to earn money by hosting a podcast show that anybody can download for free? 5. The offshoring of American jobs to other countries solely for the purpose of increasing … Read More

I’m stuck in the circle of doom………..

1. How can I be a fertility consultant and stay true to my moral perspective? 2. Why do I feel like I’m mourning over my old job? Is it normal? 3. What printing services could I offer that would garner residual income? 4. Are the needs of former pastors primarily emotional survival or income related? 5. For the past several years I have been stuck in this circle of doom not being able to master anything. Why? 6. Do you and Dave Ramsey ever debate your ideologies?

Perhaps you’re just hearing a different drummer?

1. Should I go to medical school just because my parents will pay for it? 2. My parents have enough money but wouldn’t help me pay for a college education. Now I resent them. 3. My husband has been unemployed for two years. He goes on interviews, but no job. He is very discouraged. He has an MBA and is a CPA also. 4. I have no sales experience but long to be in radio advertising. 5. Is currency trading a wholesome occupation for a Christian?

I always ask “What’s the catch?” Can I break this pattern?

1. Is there a risk of being seen as a job hopper if I switch positions too often? 2. Just wanted to say thanks for giving me nudge to “get out of the nest”. 3. When I’m old and decrepit I’m afraid I’ll look back on my life and wished I’d done more, tried more, and didn’t play it safe. Is that wrong of me to have that kind of concern motivate me? 4. My husband has been unemployed for the past 2 years and no current job prospects. Is there anything he can add to his cv to attract … Read More

How do you recover from failing?

1.  The “issue” is that I end up switching jobs every 2 years. I don’t feel like it is something bad for my career. Am I crazy? 2.  When I find that new job, how can I offer references when the people I currently work with are so toxic? 3.  What should the rest of us that have only worked entry level jobs put on our resume besides an exhausted list of duties? 4.  How do I battle fear of success? I don’t mind failing at all, but thinking of success tends to freeze me up. 5.  How does one … Read More

How do you stay motivated if you don’t have a support system?

1. I can’t seem to make enough money to support my family on eBay? 2. If I charge a monthly membership fee for my educational website would that violate “Fair Use” of news articles, pictures, etc.? 3. How do you stay motivated if you don’t have a support system? I am surrounded by non-starters whose contribution is a constant chorus of negativity. 4. I have a phrase/slogan I am considering putting on T-shirts, mugs, hats, etc., but don’t know the first thing about doing this 5. What steps can I take to ensure my business continues operating if I am … Read More