I’m miserable in my job. Should I bite the bullet and keep suffering?

1. How can I sell my copper and brass jewelry? 2. I’m miserable in my job. Should I bite the bullet and keep suffering through the misery until something else comes along? 3. Is it ok to ask for relocation expenses to be covered when moving for a new job offer? 4. One of my bookkeeping clients wants me to be their CFO. Should I give up having my own business? 5. What are your thoughts on direct selling and multi-level marketing companies? 6. I have a lot of passion and determination, but have no clue what God created me … Read More

I want to be a millionaire by 35. Will this idea work?

1. My passion is cars. Can I compete in the custom car parts market? 2. While my speaking business is growing well, I can’t get booked in my own home town. I know Jesus had the same problem – do you? 3. After being a stay at home mom for most of my adult life I will now be entering the job market at the age of 46. How do I search for a position that is not just entry level? 4. One of my major goals is to be wealthy (meaning 1 million in the bank) by the time … Read More

If I have enough money for myself can’t I just be happy?

1. How do I obtain health insurance for my family if I were to give up a relatively secure job where I have been unhappy for the entire 3 years & 26 days of employment? 2. I’ve been out of college for 1 year and make $54,000/year as an engineer but I’m ready to make a lot more money and utilize all of my skills – not just technical skills 3. Dan, My wife and I are sick and tired of working for “the man” and have decided to begin generating results based income. 4. I’m making the transition from … Read More

How should I deal with a manager I can’t stand?

1. Can I make money capturing senior’s stories on video? 2. Do you have any experience, insight, or recommendations of getting the job you love in a foreign country? 3. How can I bring my wife along on my journey toward better health and self-improvement? 4. I’ve self-published my novel and now have 700 of 1000 copies printed still to be sold. How do you recommend selling in this tough economic time? 5. Are there still people resources that can help one get started on ebay? 6. Do you have any advice for dealing with a manager one can’t stand?

Example of The No More Mondays Lifestyle

This week’s show is the perfect example of the No More Mondays Lifestyle. You will know what this means after listening the to first few minutes of the episode. Dan, what’s the difference between an introduction letter and a cover letter? Should I turn down a raise? How can I generate income with my Mandarin Chinese language skills? Is your Write to the Bank Live Event geared only toward non-ficture writers? How can I eliminate mindless, wasteful activities like TV watching?

My husband thinks I’m crazy

1. How do you think homeschooling has affected your kids now that they are grown. 2. An excellent opportunity that has opened up for me! The bad news is it is 600 miles away. 3. You mentioned experimental ventures that you tried and terminated because they didn’t work out. 4. Want to rent small space in local retail store to sell books. My husband thinks I’m crazy. 5. What are your suggestions for applying for a job that says in their company policy that they do not take email, phone calls, or mail for their application?

I’m sick of seeing the rich get richer

1. I just lost a job I’ve hated for 3.5 of 4.5 years, but didn’t want to quit until I had another job. What should I do? HELP! 2. I’m sick of hearing and seeing the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. 3. I want to get into funeral photography but I have no clue where I should start or what to do to get this idea off the ground. 4. How do I apply the Job Search process laid out in “48 Days . . .” to an INTERNAL job search? 5. I just started a social … Read More

Can I make money as a juggler?

1. I want to kick the tires on a couple of different opportunities, but am afraid my current employer will find out and be unhappy with me. What would Dan do? 2. I want to become a reseller of a book. What issues do I need to address? 3. I am in a “secure” government position, but desire entrepreneurship. 4. What do you think about me making my own learning curriculum VS going to college? 5. I’m a juggler and I’d like to do street advertising for businesses. Is this viable?

I’m in a “secure” position, but desire more

1. Have you ever considered doing a joint event with John Eldredge? 2. How can I regain my self-confidence in my job? No self-confidence apathetic, lazy. 3. When I graduated in 2009 I took a job with the federal government due to a lack of options. Unfortunately federal employment has lived up to most of its stereotypes. 4. Dan, you seem to have an interest in helping people who are coming out of prison to get back into life and grow and prosper. 5. How do you interpret Proverbs 14:20: The poor is hated even of his own neighbour: but … Read More

I believe my past is holding me back.

1. How can you initiate change and still be liked by my coworkers? 2. Can I read articles on my subscription podcast without any legal issues? 3. What can I do to increase my rates when I have a consulting contract is in place with a company? 4. How do I deal with a heavy heart, for 3 years I’ve been stuck in the same job. I’m losing my faith & energy. 5. Dan, I am a very passionate elementary teacher. However, there are aspects of “classroom” teaching that stress me out. 6. I believe that my past is holding … Read More