How far can you see?

Chuck promised his 7-yr-old son Johnny that he would take him fishing on Saturday.   The little boy waiting eagerly for the day to arrive, but he awoke Saturday morning to the sound of rain.  Johnny grumbled all morning, complaining and sharing his disappointment with everyone.  But by 2:00 the rain ended, the sun came out and Johnny and his dad headed off for the fishing hole.  The conditions seemed to be just right, and they came homeFather and Son with more fish than they had ever caught in an entire day.

At supper that evening, Johnny’s mother asked him to say grace.  Johnny did – and concluded his prayer by saying – “and Lord, if I sounded grumpy earlier today, it was because I wasn’t able to see far enough ahead.” (Adapted from a James Ryle sermon —

So how far ahead are you seeing?  Are you just looking at the rain in your life today?  Or can you see past that to the sun that will likely be there tomorrow? 

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