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As we are now in the last half of the year I always like to take a fresh look at everything I’m doing.  Are writing, speaking, doing a podcast, creating new products, coaching, connecting people and spending time with family and friends all activities that embrace my “calling,” my purpose for being here on earth?  Or have I allowed some things to creep in that are nothing more than income generators, or just worthless habits that I need to stop?

My November 14th Goal

My goal is to determine by November 14th what 15% of my current activities that I’m going to stop.  I’ve been doing this for years and have found it to be an extremely helpful process.  By eliminating 15% I then open the door to bring in a new 15%.  And it’s in that new window that I was able to begin the 48 Days Eaglepreneurs, the 48 Days Eagles Community, enjoying unique excursions with Joanne, attending enlightening seminars and spending time at a monastery. 

What about you? Are all of your activities connected to your divine purpose? Are your work and your lifestyle a reflection of your values? Or have you been so busy making a living that you’ve forgotten to have a life? Click To Tweet

Are you cut off from your calling and your heart in a futile attempt to be “practical” and “responsible?

Does Someone Have To Lose For You To Win?

Several years ago I spoke with a young man who was running ads online, “offering” jobs with the government.  He promotes highly paid positions and says jobs are waiting.  Then when calls come in, the callers are high pressured into buying a course to help them prepare for the civil service exam.  No jobs, no openings – just an emotional hook to get desperate people on the phone – and then manipulate them into spending money to prepare for an exam they could probably take today with no preparation.  This guy feels pretty bad about what he’s doing – and only plans to do it for a couple more years.  He’s making $4,000 – $6,000 a week and figures he’ll be able to do some charitable and worthwhile things with all the money he’s making. 

I know another gentleman who publicly announced in church that he was going to do a reverse tithe. He was going to live on 10% of his income and give 90% to the church.  He promoted miracle medical cures, a credit repair system, and a product that addressed a loophole in the law – ran national TV ads and brought in money by the truckload.  His promotions promised things that really weren’t quite true. But he proudly gave enormous sums of money to his church for worthwhile ministries.  Then to the horror of his family and friends he spent a couple of years in prison for mail fraud.  Not exactly the kind of legacy most of us want to leave.

What do you need to stop doing – to once again find what Thomas Merton described as that “hidden wholeness?” What should you be planning for in 2019 that will finally release your true brilliance? Click To Tweet

What Adjustments Do You Need To Make?

Are there adjustments needed in your work, your relationships, and your thinking?  It takes courage to break free from habits, traditions and unhealthy expectations.  It takes courage to live out your calling, to unleash your creativity and unique genius.  It takes courage to turn away from the pack and launch out in a new, inspired direction.  But then your heart can sing, you can look people directly in the eyes and be confident of the value of your work. 

If someone has to lose for you to win, you’re in the wrong business.

“A man had better starve at once than lose his innocence in the process of getting his bread.”  Henry David Thoreau

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