Noon-Day Demon

mid-life crisis

Medieval writers used this term – “Noon-Day Demon.” 

They were referring to that season in life when we lose our enthusiasm, when we begin to question our existence and direction. 

We may call it a mid-life crisis today but the meaning is the same.  We hear about switching from success to significance, or finding our purpose, calling or mission.

Whatever your terminology, see this as a positive opportunity, not as a crisis. 

Yes, it is healthy to take a fresh look at where we are, where we want to go and how we are going to get there.  You may not trust the career decisions that were made by your 20 yr. old self. 

Look today at your unique:

(1) Skills and Abilities

(2) Personality Traits

(3) Values, Dreams and Passions

What have these prepared you for? 

See the inevitable transitions in your own life not as crises, but as opportunities to move forward with more focus and confidence. Click To Tweet

Take the sting out of the Noon-Day Demon. 

There is a natural progression from asking “how can I meet my needs?” to “how can I make a difference?”  Welcome the transition and you will see your enthusiasm, confidence, and boldness soar.

Dealing with Change

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