Are you a “people whisperer?”

We are now familiar with “horse whisperers” as people who are unusually gifted at calming wild horses.  In the 1998 movie, Robert Redford played the man who knew that violence is never the answer.  Well, that same principle is growing in popularity outside of horse training circles.  Today it is being applied successfully by corporations, governmental agencies, school administrators, at-risk-youth, violent offenders and many others.woman and horse

Founded on a consistent set of principles, communication and trust, people whisperers can diffuse tension and potential conflict.  Now this is listed by Future magazine as one of the highest-paying careers of the next 20 years.  Whisperers are people who “are particularly skilled at calming the most irate customers and building relationships with key clients.”  It ranks right up there with bioinformationalists and telemedicine technicians.

This is an example of a new opportunity that may embrace skills formerly used in a more traditional and poorly paid position.  If you have been trained as a counselor, school teacher or mediator, you may find a great opportunity as a “people whisperer.” 

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