Shorts vs Panties

are you selling what people need or what they want

This morning I opened a new pack of undershorts that Joanne picked up for me.  Wow – six pairs of new Jockey shorts.  Out of curiosity I asked her what she paid for these.  She said it was $5.99 for the pack of six.  Okay that’s $.99 each – and these babies have double stitching, a variety of colors, the extra overlap for the trap door that we guys need – all in all just a real classy piece of workmanship.

Then I asked her what she pays for her panties. She said normally $8-10.00 each.  Of course those are much simpler in design – no trapdoor needed.  Just a bag with a couple of holes in it.  Half the fabric, half the double-stitching, a touch of lace and you’re done.  Now I may be oversimplifying the issue here, but why are they ten times as much money?

It’s because for guys we’re talking about a necessary and functional item.  For women it’s a matter of style and grace and beauty.  I’ve always told people:

You can make a living selling things that people need; e.g. washing machines, transmissions and light bulbs. But you can get rich selling things that people want – chewing gum, vacation trips, motorcycles and ladies panties. Click To Tweet

People don’t “need” my books.  But I sell hope, inspiration and imagination that just happen to be packaged between two book covers.  People “want” that.  Why is a piece of “art” $1500 when it’s just a single piece of canvas and a few tubes of paint?  Why is the base price for a new Bugatti Chiron $2,998,000 while the new Nissan Versa S Sedan lists for $12,780?   Because one is transportation and one is a statement of affluence.

It sounds like an elementary business concept – but what about you?  Are you selling what people need or what they want?

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