I believe other people are out to help me!

My academic background is in clinical psychology.  But I always wondered, why do we focus exclusively on human pathology and dysfunction?  What about the positive side, the moments when human beings are at their absolute best?  It seems we can give everyone a label, categorizing every action as a dysfunction of some kind.  My wife is an “enabler” because she enjoys helping people, I’ve been accused of being in “denial” because I choose to focus on the good in my past rather than the bad.  My son was “ADHD” because he found it hard to sit in a traditional classroom.  Some of my best friends have been prescribed Prozac to calm their unusual and rapid flow of ideas.

But personally, I have decided to take the title of “inverse paranoid.”  This is a term that has been used by Dr. Richard Bimler, W. Clement Stone, Brian Tracy and others.  As you know, a paranoid person thinks everyone is out to get him.  That person is typically suspicious, fearful, and panicked that people are trying to do him harm. 

I tend to believe that everyone is out to bring me happiness and to help me reach my goals.  And I try to do the same for them.  To have a positive attitude does not mean that problems and frustrations disappear.  But I’m confident I find solutions quicker as a result of my inverse paranoia.  I believe the world is plotting to do me good! — Tweet This

If you’d like to join me in my delusion, here are some tips:

  1. When obstacles appear, don’t assume “everyone hates me.” Rather, see them as opportunities to grow and succeed in new ways.  Without challenges you will never improve.
  2. Remember a time in your life when a “disaster” opened the door to something good.
  3. If you lose your job, expect that you’ll now find your dream job with better pay.
  4. If your back hurts at the office, expect to develop a better ergonomic chair design that will make you millions.
  5. Reach for the “opportunity clock” in the morning – erase the memory of an “alarm clock.”
  6. When the weather forecaster says there’s a 30% chance of rain, recognize that means there’s a 70% chance of sunshine!

And yes, I rather like my delusion.  Please don’t prescribe a pill to make me “normal” or send me to an institution to correct my thinking.

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