Should I just look for “any” job?

1. Should I take a new job if I’ve working to develop my own business? 2. What benefits do you reap by dealing with contractors vs. employees? 3. How do I find a non-profit to fund my social entrepreneurial proposal? 4. I lost company funds in a failed investment – now they’re coming after me? 5. I’m struggling with a great deal of depression, feeling of isolation, loneliness, paranoia, fear, anxiety, debilitating fatigue, and sleeplessness. Can I find work that removes all of these?

People say I’m crazy

1. How do you know if your passion is what you should do for a living, or just a hobby? 2. At what point do I quit my 40 hour a week job and devote all my time to my small business? 3. Job was eliminated. 58 not ready to retire. Wife says get a regular job. 4. How do I become better at communicating with people? 5. People around me say I’m crazy to give up my benefits and pension.

I’m a 42 year-old failure

1. What are your thoughts on a judgment recovery business? 2. How can I be more business-minded and less caregiving? 3. Should I be pragmatic or follow my heart? 4. Long story short, I am a 42 year-old failure. 5. My husband has been looking for a job for at least three years.

Do I need a Master’s degree to run a business?

1. How do I protect my idea for a “green” product? 2. How do you respond to Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) saying that following your passion is probably some of the worst advice he ever received 3. Do I need a Masters Degree to successfully run a retail business? 4. How do I make my new business profitable in 3-6 months? 5. Can I be a successful math coach? 6. How often should I keep calling after interviewing for a job?

Dan’s Christmas Tree Bomb

1. Can I live out Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues? 2. I’ll be 54 this month and still have no direction in life. 3. How are you able to operate a multi-million dollar company without employees? 4. My resume is sporadic and almost ADD-like! I get a traditional job and quit 6 months in. 5. I am living in a homeless shelter (because of my job loss). I do not know which way to go nor what to do. 6. How do you grow a craft business where the limiting factor is the time of the designer?

Do people want your advice?

1. How did I get the rights to use Taking Care of Business as the lead-in for my podcast? 2. How can I get liability insurance for advice that I give? 3. Can I start a real business – or am I just creating a job for myself? 4. Can I get paid for my reading skills? 5. Do I need a job to finance my business? 6. Can a person learn to sell – or is it something you either have or don’t have?

All the interesting jobs require a Bachelors Degree

1.  Dan, how does one get over the stigma of being a convicted felon? 2.  Do I need an ISBN for a self-published book? 3.  Should I use my own name in my business name – or something else? 4.  How can I get an interesting job without a college degree? 5.  How do I stay motivated to do anything worthwhile when I’m in a job I hate? 6.  Why is running your own business such a difficult concept for the working class to grasp?

I tried faith but still have challenges

1. Dan, why are you spouting all this positive crap when the economy is in the tank? 2. Should I stay in my current job for 6 months to then get a 6-month severance? 3. Does Faith really work? I feel like I’m missing something. 4. Should I stay in school one more year just to get a degree – now that I know what I want to do? 5. I feel I am I doomed in any type of self-employment because I’m not a “people person.” 6. Are we supposed to “enjoy the work you do” or “find the … Read More

How can I fight my family’s negativity?

1. The power of reading 2. More on – Is work a curse? 3. Can I make money as a franchise owner? 4. Should I make this 5 year commitment? 5. Will I always struggle because I’m black? 6. Thanks Dan – I’ve broken through the negative crust.

I’m 37. Is it too late for me?

1. Is money the best motivator for workers or are there better concepts? 2. My husband and I purchased and read 48 Days almost a year ago. But I have to say that the techniques in this book do not speak to the current hiring process. 3. I read 48 Days and put its principles into practice. On Day 48 I was offered a position at $123,000 (up from $96,500 at my old job) with four weeks paid vacation and my commute will be reduced by 50%. 4. I want to start up another restaurant business. I tried back in … Read More