What’s more important – your life or your work?


What’s more important – your life or your work?

  1. Ten Characteristics of People who end up Rich
  2. How do we help our children find their creativity when they are in schools where “They are being molded to conform, memorize, do exactly what they are told, and create predictable things…”
  3. How can I get my blog shared over 1,000 times like Derek did?
  4. Here’s a free ebook – “5 Ways To Balance Your Life”
  5. I cannot imagine living a life where work isn’t the highest priority and use of my time!
  6. What’s the most effective process for getting a new job?
  7. I feel uncomfortable working with people who are taking advantage of the company day in and day out.




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“At the end of life, it’s the laughter, the tears, the shared joys

and the shared heartaches we remember.  The wealth, the work,

the trials and problems are as nothing.  It’s the quality of our days

and the people we share them with that make the difference.”

Margaret James

Ten Characteristics of People who end up Rich (provided by you the listeners)

  1. Expects Success
  2. Creates a clear plan
  3. Works Hard
  4. Avoids Debt
  5. Be teachable and a lifelong learner
  6. Exercise self-control, persistence, and delayed gratification.
  7. Accept Personal Responsibility
  8. Keep Good Company
  9. Be Opportunity Conscious
  10. Enjoy the present but plans for the future

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