Hourly pay will keep you poor

In challenging times I see people managing their money better. And I commend them on getting involved with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University as thousands of you have done. But here’s an important principle — Not only is it important to manage your money better; it’s also important to realize that now is a great time to figure out how to make more money.


Looking Good Baby!

You’re brilliant, you do good work, you’re responsible – and yet, you’re not getting the opportunities you want. Could the problem be your image? Oh sure, you’re saying. That’s an old mentality; today dress doesn’t matter. Everyone is casual in today’s workplace.

Well, studies continuously show that image does matter. You may have the RIGHT to wear jeans with holes in them, have a tattoo on your forearm and ignore using deodorant. But exercising your right to do so will also definitely limit your success and opportunities.


The Assassination of Procrastination: 10 Action Steps You Can Take Today

Procrastination is the biggest hurdle that I had to overcome in pursuing my vision. I prayed about it, talked about it, listened to encouraging messages for inspiration and received wise counsel from mentors, but I continued to struggle with procrastination.

I had great ideas of things I wanted to do. I wrote them down. I shared them with my wife and everyone who would listen.


Over-Preparing or Underperforming?

My left brake handle was acting up yesterday. And since we had a bicycle shop just down the street, it seemed prudent to have the bicycles checked out. The mechanic was able to troubleshoot my brake problem quickly. And, as good mechanics do, he was able to find other issues that neither Debbie nor I would have found, and fix them before they caused more serious troubles down the road.TimBishop

As he worked on the two bikes, we talked about our tour, since he was quite interested in how things were going. When we admitted to our deficiency with mechanical matters, he made this comment: “Anyone who goes on a tour of this magnitude should be able to completely tear down and rebuild his own bike.”