I’m afraid charging for my art will hurt my reputation

This is such a common question I wanted to share it here.  Isn’t it cheapening the real process of creating art (music, sculptures, writing, visual art, coaching) if I expect money in return?

Andy asks:

“Dan, I’m an illustrator and my illustration business is doing well, but I’m afraid I’m more passionate about helping other

designer sitting front of computer and draws a model car

Can I get paid for my talent – even if I love doing it?

creatives succeed than I am in making art myself!

Here’s my problem: I’m well versed in the strategies used by people like you, Michael Hyatt, and other internet coaches, teachers and speakers on how to monetize this value, BUT I’m afraid that in the commercial art world there may be an aversion to “marketing lingo” aka webinars, masterminds, ebooks, etc.

I am especially afraid of hurting my reputation in the industry where I make my living! Any thoughts?”


Andy – I don’t think you’ll hurt your reputation by making a living as an artist.  I think you’ll explode your credibility and position yourself solidly as an expert and a role model if you are extremely successful financially as an artist.  Then you won’t just be one of the masses of starving artists but rather, you’ll be someone ready to lead and inspire others.

Here are three books I recommend:

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield

The Empowered Artist: A Call to Action for Musicians, Writers, Visual Artists, and Anyone Who Wants to Make a Difference With Their Creativity by Bob Baker

Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon

Years ago when I changed from just being the nice guy at church who would help you figure out career direction to being a coach, my business exploded.  People saw me as a professional and I immediately had a backlog of physicians, dentists, engineers, pastors, etc, who would have never taken me seriously if I were just the Sunday School teacher.  If you believe in your “art” you can thrive in every way, yes while still helping and serving others well.

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