How smart are you?

I just returned to Franklin, TN from the INBOUND conference in Boston. So many new ideas and new connections. Guy Kawasaki talked about the 10 lessons he learned from Steve Jobs. Here’s just one:

“Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence. When the world thought that changing ones mind was a sign of stupidity, Steve Jobs thought the opposite. Nearly all of us in our everyday lives think that changing our mind is a sign of stupidity and not intelligence. We don’t want to look like a fool in front of others, and so non-desirous of changing our mind. Interestingly, by not changing our mind quickly, we only postpone the delay of becoming a fool in front of the world. We’re wise to look like a fool in front of a small set of people by changing our decisions early on when we see the need.”Change Your Mind

So when was the last time you openly changed your mind about something you previously thought to be true?  Are you willing to change your mind – or do you dig your heels in to resist feeling foolish?

When I think back to my early years in business I thought I knew the right way to grow a business.  But a devastating failure and new information helped me change my mind.

I started a new division at 48 Days that I was sure would work in a big way.  But the results caused me to change my mind about that.

I thought I recognized the “right” church.  But then new information helped me see lots of new possibilities.

I thought poor people were always unhappy.  Then I took a trip to Kenya and saw the kids enjoying every day.  New information allowed me to see poverty is not the cause of unhappiness, nor is having money the cure.

I thought eating like we did on the farm, with lots of bread, lard, eggs and milk, was the natural, Biblical, and “right” way.  Then some digestive challenges forced me to consider some new options.  I’m sure glad I changed my mind about that.

Are you open to new information and new decisions – in every area of your life?

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