Contest for 2014 slogan

Here’s a simple contest.  Each year I like to come up with a phrase to enter the New Year.  Some are easy:  “Things will be great in ’98.”  “Everything’s fine in ’99.”  “Like eagles we’ll soar in 2004.” “Living extreme in 2013.”  What about this coming year?  What can we use as a motto for 2014?

On January 2nd of last year I asked you to share your ideas for slogans for 2013.  Well, about 10 minutes after the newsletter went out – your ideas started pouring in – at the rate of about 100 an hour for the next several days.  We received thousands of submissions with several hundred each using the rhyming words, “clean,” “glean,” “keen,” “serene,” and “green.”  Probably 500 of you used some form of Living the Dream in 2013 – or achieve, accomplish, capture or seize the dream.

I was surprised how many of you used “routine” and gave reasonable explanations for expecting to change that to make 2013 a great year.  We received every possible combination imaginable, and then unique entries like Randy Winsinger’s “If I stay in my job I’ll need a new spleen in 2013” to Elijah Coleman’s “Pay off your liens in 2013” and Lloyd Richardson’s “No more rice and beans in 2013.”

So here we go again.  Submit your entry in the comments below.  Let’s keep it from 3-10 words so it’s easy to state and keep in our minds.  We have the same alliteration – 2013 and 2014.  But be creative.

Our unbiased panel of experts will select 3 winning entries to receive our most popular package – The Ultimate Fresh Start Package

And you’re all winners.  Just for contributing we’re giving you the audio program Know What You Want…and Get it!  along with goal setting worksheets for 2014.  Just click on this link Know What You Want…and Get it!



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Deadline is this next Sunday night, January 5th at 12:00 midnight.  Winners will be announced here in next week’s newsletter.


And the winners are:
1.  Dru Wood – Like the Eagle, Fly and Be Seen in 2014
2.  Denice Adcock Colson – I’m pickin’ up steam in 2014
3.  Bob in Benton – Plenty O’ Green in 2014
Each of you will be receiving the:


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