Are you smart enough to be a millionaire?

Many of you have heard me talk about concepts from “The Millionaire Mind”, by Thomas Stanley.  It’s not a new book but the principles are timeless.  Here are just a few of the key concepts from this significant book:Money faucet

  • There is no clear correlation between wealth and what we normally expect;  IQ, education, GPA, profession, business chosen, etc. 
  • The only common theme in those who ended up very wealthy is that they found something they love doing, and do it with excellence.
  • Their undergraduate grade point average (GPA) was 2.92 on a 4.00-point scale.
  • Most have been told by some authority figure or by the results of standardized test scores that they were not intellectually gifted, qualified to pursue an MBA degree, or smart enough to succeed.
  • The research indicates it’s hard for a person to recognize opportunities if he/she stays in one place and remains in one job – most self-made millionaires have had a rather wide experience with various part-time and temporary jobs.

I just spent a few days at the Grow Smarter Conference here in Nashville.  Got to hear and meet some really interesting millionaires – Daymond John from Shark Tank, Joe Gebbie (founder of Airbnb – now valued at $10 Billion), Bre Pettis (founder of Makerbot which he started and sold 4 years later for $403 Million) and more.

Incidentally, speaking of characteristics, Daymond John told us 4 of the 6 millionaire Sharks on Shark Tank have ADD.  Now there’s a conversation starter.

THE MILLIONAIRE MIND TEST………. Yes, this is an actual quiz to see if you understand the Millionaire Mind.  Here’s one of the questions:  Uncle Bart has left you $100,000. What do you do with it?  Can You Be a Millionaire

So how did you do?  Do you think like a millionaire?

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