What if I don’t want a Mercedes?

thinking too small

Am I thinking too small?

Is the goal to always want more? If I’m content with what I have does it mean I have an “upper limit challenge?” No – success is defined by much more than how big our house is or what kind of car we choose to drive.

Episode #675 August 02, 2019

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I hate this job

To find a business opportunity or idea, do an online search for “small business opportunities” or “franchises, watch Shark Tank, check out Entrepreneur, Fast Company or Inc Magazines.

I am currently without a job. I was fired June 25 from a job I thrived at.

The best thing to do after getting fired is to take a fresh look at who you are and where you’re are going. Take a look at your unique skills and abilities, personality traits and values, dreams and passions.

We had so much business we had to hire people – but there went the profit.

Make sure you build in all the costs of doing business when determining how much to charge. There is a difference between running a business and being self employed. The main ways to scale a business are to either develop residual income, like a course or to have enough margin built in to pay someone else.

Everyone seems to talk about building a list but no one really speaks to what you do if you have no list.

There are many ways to build a list without investing a lot of money. We have many trainings on this inside the 48 Days Eagles Community. A big one is to be a guest on other people’s podcasts and have a free lead magnet you provide that listeners can get from your website.

Another is to offer free resources, like I did with my Sunday School Class years ago.

I also wrote letters to the editor that eventually turned into a column in the local newspaper.

You can speak at Rotary Clubs, etc, providing value.

As a single dad with 20k in debt I don’t know how to get my idea to the market place.

I hope you are a 48 Days Eagle, Marco, because we have several trainings and resources in there to answer your question. One is Our patent and trademark attorney Steve Sponseller. He just unveiled his new Invention Protection Blueprint Course. Get it here.

What if I don’t want a Mercedes – is that an “upper limit challenge” or truly something I don’t care about?

This is a great question. Are you thinking too small? Just because you don’t want to make more money or buy more things does not mean you’re thinking too small.

In fact, even though I am a car guy, my rule of thumb is never spend more than one month’s income on a car.

Find out more in the book, Stop Acting Rich.


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