The best time to plant a tree

1. How I got 22 new coaching clients at one event.

2. Dan, a criminal record does not automatically disqualify an applicant from employment consideration.

3. I found a reason to work even if I don’t need the money.

4. How do I stop getting burnt out once a year?

5. Would you be willing to comment on “Deliberate Practice” ?

An old Japanese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”


Innovate – register and do an interview with Dan

Social Media Marketing – meet Dan in San Diego

Court McCracken’s new book – Art Nurture: The Simple Guide to Cultivating Your Creativity

Jonathan Milligan’s project and fundraiser: The Gift – What You Have That the Richest Man Can’t Buy.

The Innovate Process

1.  Define Uniqueness – Focus your passion

2.  Build Authority – Grow your craft and confidence

3.  Establish Your Voice – Expand your audience and connections

4.  Leverage and Prosper – Deliver your work, give people what they want

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