I’m not an early bird. Can I still get a worm?

early bird
I say trust your natural rhythm. Don’t force yourself to be an early bird / morning person if you’re not. I know – we keep hearing about that early bird – but then all he got is a worm. I know plenty of highly creative and productive people who don’t get started until noon.

Episode #688 November 01, 2019

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What jobs or business opportunities are there for me where I can make people feel good about themselves?

Being great with people opens up a world of opportunity.

You can stay in retail if you like that, perhaps looking at jewelry, cars, or other high-end products where you are rewarded for helping people make their buying decisions.
You can also expand to speaking, writing, coaching and other opportunities.
Make a list of 20 things you could do that would use your great people skills and also give you the hours and income you want.
Then narrow that list down to the top 4 or 5 based upon what you know about yourself.
Then do a little more research and choose the best one.

Do you have any recommendations for me on how to start a web design business?

Being a web designer is great, but it doesn’t distinguish you from all of the other web designers out there.

Look at how you can distinguish yourself. Don’t just be a generalist. Choose a niche.

I know getting up early (say about 5a) is extremely important to being most productive throughout each day. My problem: I’m a night owl.

Being an early bird and getting up early is not necessarily the answer for everyone. It’s more important to distinguish when you are most productive. An early bird really only gets a worm, after all.

I’m a reading and writing instructor teaching online. Is there any way to turn this into a business.

Let me tell you about Jim Hodges who reads history books. He brings stories to life in an audio format and sells them.

You could take the content you’re teaching and do a course or seminar or create an ebook.

I have been dealing with PTSD and the current line of work has gotten the best of me.

Let’s talk about post-traumatic growth and look at a different approach to this issue.

24.2 million people suffer from PTSD of some kind.

Post-traumatic growth describes the benefits many survivors experience in the process of healing from those traumatic events.
I recently had a day-long conversation with two very successful young entrepreneurs who both have come back from devastating personal experiences. We reviewed the recovery process and reviewed the things that seem to be necessary to come back from tragedy or failure. Here are 5 of those:
1. Loving relationships
2. Uncompromising integrity
3. Clear purpose
4. Vibrant health
5. Optimistic faith
It doesn’t mean it’s easy at all.


• Hug more
• Clarify how you can make people happy and find work that allows you to do that.
• Trust your natural rhythm for sleep – don’t force yourself to be something that you’re not.
• Be a specialist, not a generalist
• Choose growth when the possibility of anger or depression presents itself.



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