Don’t hide what feeds your soul

What are you doing to brig beauty into your life

As I was listening to my friend Chris McCluskey’s podcast on Worship, Work and Play, I heard him reference this old adage:

“If I had but two loaves of bread I would sell one of them and buy White Hyacinths to feed my soul.”

– Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915)white hyacinth flowers, feed your soul

Why does that capture us so?  And why does it even make any sense?  Surely if you were down to only two loaves of bread the responsible thing to do would be to guard them carefully and ration them out as food for your family.

And yet a life without beauty is not one to be desired or admired in others.  We all want beauty, art, aromas, and experiences for reasons other than just getting a bigger paycheck.  

I encourage you to tap into your creative genius and share it in ways that will inspire and bring hope, beauty and encouragement to others. You know your art, your writing, your speaking, your comedy, your valuable coaching or your music is the expression of your unique God-given talent.

Do you feel like you never get the opportunity to be creative because of the need to just put food on the table?

Have you been gently told to “just get a real job,” but at some deep level you do believe God has given you a special talent and a call to share that with the world? Your heart is telling you to follow your dreams and find that sweet blend of Passion, Talent and Money?

Whether you are an employee, artist, writer, sculptor, musician, comedian, inventor, cartoonist, window washer, dandelion grower or interior designer, I can confidently tell you, “Yes! It is possible to do what you love AND thrive in the process.”

I love that hyacinths are often associated with spring and rebirth.  They are very inexpensive and come back year after year.  They really are a great investment for a poor person who has little for splurges but still desires both beauty and a margin.

So what are you doing to bring beauty into your life – even if your bank account is low? 

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