Coaching, Speaking OR Writing can leave you poor

I have been privileged to work with a variety of “experts” over the last few years – helping them leverage their knowledge into real businesses.

There’s a three part formula any of us can use to clearly state what we do – here’s mine.

I help high potential individuals

Understand their unique and most powerful talents and passions

So they can make a larger impact, leave a legacy and thrive financially.

You can use that formula to state your own position and work.

But here’s a common theme:  Authors want to write books, speakers want to speak and coaches want to coach.  However, if you select one and only one, you will likely be frustrated with the results.  I have met countless doctors, pastors, coaches and authors who are frustrated because while extremely knowledgeable in their expertise, they can’t put food on the table, take a vacation or set aside funds for old age.

If you are a great author but know nothing about speaking, coaching, doing seminars, consulting and selling your own product, then you will have a limited message and will bypass millions of dollars that are available to you.  If you are an awesome coach but you’ve never captured your particular expertise in teleseminars, workshops, ebooks, and instructional manuals, you will wear yourself out trying to get just one more client this week.  If you speak with passion and move your audiences to action, but have never taken the time to learn online marketing, you will be destined to a life in airports and hotels and miss the daily life with your family.  If you are the world’s best pediatrician but increase your income only by herding 30 more babies into your office this week, you will die of exhaustion and miss the lives of your own children.

Venn Diagram - Multiple Streams of Income

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Only by creating multiple streams of income will you be able to have a stress-free, balanced and profitable business.

Here’s the model I use to maximize my one area of knowledge – helping people find or create meaningful and profitable work.  It may be challenging to generate significant income by allowing people only one method of experiencing your message. But if you give them opportunity to choose from several options, they will benefit and you will thrive.

In our Coaching Mastery Program, we cover 48 ways to fill your funnel and put you in the top 3% of coaching income.  We’ll help you shape your message and create a financial model that separates you from the 97%.  You can be the next to experience what John did:

“I never thought about giving a testimonial because I’m new to coaching as a business.  However, I can already see a change in how I see and think about things.  My new mindset is seeing the world differently and it is affecting how I am making choices.  The best part is that you attend for “business” reasons, but the lessons learned will improve your “job”, your relationships, and how you live your life.  If you are trying to decide if you need to sign up, I can tell you without hesitation that the answer is “yes, you do!” – John

Are you competent and passionate as an author/speaker/coach but still struggling financially?

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