Why are the Amish successful in business?

What do you generally do after tea and muffins with Joanne? Could you share a few key ideas on how to find satisfaction at work? What percentage do you pay contracted employees? Could you share a little bit about your background, and your connection to the Amish? What kind of a role do you see faith or spirituality playing in having a fruitful, rewarding career?

Strong Woman – needs freedom

I am a woman (primary care physician) with a TAKE CHARGE personality, who enjoys exercising power and authority, who communicates boldly, directly, and who is very determined and extremely competitive…how could I transition my current career track to a more fitting vocation?

I’m dismal at Sales

Having taken your Personality Profile I found that I have none of the characteristics needed to sell myself. How do I overcome this problem as I work to create an income from home with my own business? I love helping and teaching people one on one and have many skills but am dismal at sales of any kind. Please help!

Is 48 Days just hype to make Dan rich?

Dan is your 48Days a self help program and will it find me a better job or is that all hype to sell your book? If it does work do you have any proof of this? I am a critic as I believe you are trying to sell me something that may not work just so you can get rich.

How do I get past my fear?

I know my passion but have spent my whole life avoiding and even sabotaging it due to fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of running out of money, etc. How do I get past my fear so I don’t lose my chance?

We have debt so I need a JOB??

Do you and Dave Ramsey ever debate your ideologies? I find it cool that the both of you are such good friends but there are some ideological differences in your messages. I know you aren’t fond of people finding JOBS to get by but instead encourage people to do something they love. But since we have debt and I still need to bring in a steady income I am looking for a job.

Only 11 more years of misery

Dan, I recently reviewed your 48 business ideas. I like the idea of providing a mobile tool sharpening service. I have the necessary knowledge and most of the tools. My biggest question is how to advertise. I’ve thought of Craigslist, newspaper etc. but I have no marketing knowledge.

Is it too late for me?

I am miserable at my job because I am on salary and working 60-70 hrs a week and not much time for anything else. I would love to just quit my job and go pursue my dreams, but I do have a wife and 3 children that I dearly love and need to take care of.

Can I pray for profit?

How do I answer questions about my current salary on online company job applications? I know you recommend putting off answering what my salary expectations are for the position being interviewed until the right time, but didn’t know how to answer if they outright asked about my current salary.

Honoring my wife and killing myself

I have a successful podcast I’ve been running. I’m miserable at my full time job-I’m physically drained and not mentally or physically healthy. I’m thinking of going full time internet business because – I come alive and I’m able to balance my life out. The problem is my wife is not supportive with the idea.