Should I give up my dreams for my kids?

1.  Do you have any additional pointers regarding negotiating salary for jobs with non-profit organizations.? 2.  A whistle-blower lawsuit was the Kiss of death to my career, life, and etc. it has been 4 years… without job… any thoughts? 3.  Should I cut back on my church volunteering to start my new business? 4.  I’m wondering about how an external Locus of Control affects spirituality. 5.  My fatherly instincts tell me to sacrifice my dream for the kids, my soul screams to pursue a new career. What do I do?

When is it okay to be a pastor?

1. Can I make money as a dealer of unique and/or vintage CARS and Trucks? 2. My work has sucked all the creative juices out of me. Now I can’t think of anything I would “love” to do. 3. If CEOs are being fired how can any of us have job security? 4. So how do I establish myself as a (paid) speaker? 5. When is it okay to be a pastor?

Are there still new ideas left to start?

1. Are Government Grants difficult to get? 2. How do I decide on a price for the pies and rolls I want to sell? 3. Should I find one job and stay with it until I retire? 4. What if I don’t want another corporate job? Do I have any options? 5. Why do you promote starting a business when most businesses fail? 6. Are there still new ideas left to start?

I’m good at a lot of things – not great at any

1. Is it prudent to write it with a pseudonym? I have a high profile job and it if takes off I don’t’ want all the attention? 2. Where can a teenage author find a publisher? 3. How should prioritize all of my varied interests? 4. Anything I’ve been interested in and passionate about seems to have a two year attention span. 5. Can I reprint and sell your material as long as I show you as the copyright holder? 6. Isn’t it risky moving my family to another country without a career plan?

Should I feel guilty?

1. How do I stand out in a sea of candidates who are all more qualified than me? 2. How soon would you recommend following up to not seem too pushy? 3. How I can focus my varied skills on a concrete path? 4. I have to step down from my church job because I’m not making any money, and I feel guilty! 5. A friend and someone I looked up to at church gave me a small business that I don’t enjoy. 6. What is your opinion of CrowdFunding for launching my business?

What if your passion does not pay?

What if your passion does not pay? 1. Does God care where we live? 2. How do I write a book when I’m citing medical textbooks? 3. Is my “life opportunity” worth more than what a job will pay? 4. Can we share our vision to get sponsors for our ministry? 5. What if your passion does not pay?

Can I “use” people to get ahead?

1. In light of the homeless guy’s video (Ted Williams) will there come a time when resumes use video? 2. My problem is that I have too many great ideas. What’s your process of focusing and prioritizing ideas?? 3. I live in a small remote town in Colorado and I do not want to move to the city to just get a job. 4. Is it feasible to make a living as a freelance white paper writer or copywriter? 5. Timothy Ferris and Good Ol’ Dale Carnegie of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” fame have different views on … Read More

Should I just look for “any” job?

1. Should I take a new job if I’ve working to develop my own business? 2. What benefits do you reap by dealing with contractors vs. employees? 3. How do I find a non-profit to fund my social entrepreneurial proposal? 4. I lost company funds in a failed investment – now they’re coming after me? 5. I’m struggling with a great deal of depression, feeling of isolation, loneliness, paranoia, fear, anxiety, debilitating fatigue, and sleeplessness. Can I find work that removes all of these?

People say I’m crazy

1. How do you know if your passion is what you should do for a living, or just a hobby? 2. At what point do I quit my 40 hour a week job and devote all my time to my small business? 3. Job was eliminated. 58 not ready to retire. Wife says get a regular job. 4. How do I become better at communicating with people? 5. People around me say I’m crazy to give up my benefits and pension.

I’m a 42 year-old failure

1. What are your thoughts on a judgment recovery business? 2. How can I be more business-minded and less caregiving? 3. Should I be pragmatic or follow my heart? 4. Long story short, I am a 42 year-old failure. 5. My husband has been looking for a job for at least three years.