15 Hours a Week + 10% Entrepreneur = A Sigh of Relief

Rachel Eubanks shares her sigh of relief after Dan Miller's 15 Hours a Week Entrepreneur Building Formula and Patrick McGinnis' 10% Entrepreneur ideas.
This is a guest post by Rachel Eubanks. She is a beginner, a struggler, a wannabe, a hard worker, but most of all a truth teller. She writes about the beauty and the ugliness of starting your own business as she experiences it each week. With a teaching background, she has no formal training in business so she surrounds herself with wise people and listens to podcasts such as ours. You can read her journal and posts at inspiretoengage.com and also follow her on Instagram.

Have you ever been holding your breath and didn’t know it until you exhaled loudly?

It was with the sound of your sigh that you recognized how anxious or afraid you had been.

The Sigh  

I had this experience on a warm day as I walked at a local park. Enjoying a rare afternoon alone, I listened to Dan’s interview with Patrick McGinnis on the 48 Days podcast. Patrick McGinnis is the author of The 10% Entrepreneur. 

Dan began the podcast with a statement like, “People think I want everyone to be an entrepreneur, but I don’t. I want you to be one if you want to be.”

With that comment, something clicked. I immediately perked up because until then I often felt overwhelmed when I listed to podcasts like Dan’s (or Pat Flynn’s or Christy Wrights’). Instead of feeling rejuvenated and excited, I felt defeated and frustrated at the end of each one.

Even though I appreciate Dan’s ideas, the people he talks about and talks to, and his gentle, yet firm encouragements, I just couldn’t figure how to implement all of the great things I was hearing and still be a full-time, stay-at-home mom. See, I left a fulfilling job as a teacher to stay home with my sons full time. I want to keep that my number one priority. 

When Dan further introduced his guest Patrick McGinnis and the concept of being a 10% entrepreneur, I finally exhaled…loudly and a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

The Relief 


A sense of relief washed over me. From the podcast, I gained two concepts that made this ol’ girl feel as if her entrepreneurial dreams were possible now.

First, I honestly thought I had to be a full-time entrepreneur to create something of my own. But, Dan shared a formula—spend 15 hours a week creating a side business. For the 15 hours, Dan advises 3 hours on research, 5 hours creating content and/or product, 4 hours with clients, and 3 hours on marketing.

His suggested time frame gave me structure to this confusing dream. Until then, I was wandering and wondering. I didn’t know how to spend my time or even what I should be doing when I carved out minutes for myself. It also gave me accountability. For example, I don’t like marketing. Three hours a week seemed manageable and a goal to shoot for.

His guest Patrick McGinnis gave me a second revelation that day. He shared a concept I was unknowingly and desperately searching for. Pour only 10% of yourself—time, money, and/or energy—into a new venture. This mindset freed me to devote most of my physical and mental energy to being a mom. Only 10% of me had to focus on my entrepreneurial dreams.

Great news! I can keep my fun and rewarding full-time gig as a stay-at-home mom and still pursue my entrepreneurial goals.

To be brutally honest with you and myself, I was morphing into something I didn’t like for my life—a full-time entrepreneur with a side hustle of parenting. That is not why I left a rewarding teaching position of 13 years!

To Close 

What Dan and Patrick talked about that fateful day does not sound earth shattering on the surface.

15 hours a week on your side business. Well, duh! How else can you start a new business and keep your full-time job?

Invest only 10% of yourself into a new endeavor. Well, duh! Isn’t that just safe…wise?

Still, for this full-time, stay-at-home mom with a burning desire in her happy, yet searching heart, these two notions were game changers!

These two concepts gave me permission to create a business at MY pace (albeit a slow, yet intentional one) and according to the priorities I established for my life.

I know it sounds so simple. But sometimes you need for someone to say aloud what you didn’t know you needed to hear.

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