You’re a donkey if you think like this……

I trust you are ready for Thanksgiving – for being thankful for everything we enjoy.

Lots of things happening in the 48 Days community – but first:donkey in the desert

I heard about a donkey that was tied to a 6’ rope.  Unfortunately, there was a tasty bale of hay just 8’ away.  How could this poor donkey ever get to eat that hay?

Before we suggest a solution – let’s look at some of the exciting things 48 Days community members are doing right now:


Todd and Emily Marriott are running a contest for a free custom song (ready in time for Christmas).  They already created a 48 Days to the Work You Love song that I absolutely love – and play frequently on the Online Radio Show.  You can suggest a song as a gift to a special person or as a theme for your business.  Just make sure you get your idea in quickly.  This contest ends on Dec. 1st. Gifty Song Contest

Michael Jones replied to a forum question about developing a phone app – and in two short paragraphs provided a pretty complete tutorial.  Just another example of the willingness of people to share knowledge and resources in the community.

Sean Deminski asked if getting multiple clients was pretty much like getting multiple mini-jobs.  And the answer is Yes – very much the same process.  And that applies to free-lancers, contingency workers, independent contractors and entrepreneurs.  You can use the job search strategy to find all those clients/customers you need.

Brian Holmes provided some excellent tips about creating new success in the New Year.  Brian just lost 40 pounds practicing exactly what he’s talking about here – Developing Habits and Rituals.

Jevonnah Ellison is a finalist in the Michael Hyatt Most Inspiring Transformational Story of 2014.  Jevonnah has indeed had an extraordinary year as a new coach, author and speaker.  Jump over to the contest to help push her to the lead in this contest.

The Ultimate Advantage Cruise.  I just heard from Chris – our cruise director – that we are in need of a single female passenger.  He had two roommates and one had to drop out.  That means a female can take that slot without having to commit to a double room.  Give Chris a quick shoutout if you’re interested.  And yes, if you want a room for you and your spouse or you and a friend you can check with Chris as well.  Looks like this will be our biggest group ever.  And we’re planning for some fun things together.

Career Coaches needed.  One of our corporate partners is looking for career coaches to handle individual clients on a contract basis.  This is a national company and they trust us to help find competent coaches to work with their many many clients.  If you are a career coach and would like to be considered, send me an email ( and include your website, contact information and training history.

Coaching with Excellence– the first dates for our most popular live event will be January 29-30th.  This is where most of the coaches you see in this community got their start.

Here’s a note I just got from Aaron Walker about his experience in coming to the Sanctuary and what happened for him.

“Dan,  A brief reflection of 2014 reveals a number of successes and accomplishments, all attributed ultimately to you, Dan.  Attending your live event a couple times was without question a catalyst to my new career, life and business coaching. You reaching out to me by phone  after the second night encouraging me to pursue coaching has transformed my personal and business life. Never underestimate one on one encouragement as you go forward in your career coaching.

Officially launching “View From The Top” May 28, 2014 has proven to be the right choice. Individual coaching engagements, group coaching and personal retainers have been extremely profitable. Celebrating November, my best month so far, $34,500. 

If you want a mentor and career coach that takes pride in everything he does take my advice and get Dan Miller. 

I have $hundreds of thousands of reasons that you should!

Live on purpose,”  Aaron T. Walker

If you want this to be your story – join us for Coaching with Excellence.

Mike Skiff and Tristan Manning are offering a 48 Days Workshop for military veterans.  You can check out the details here – Join the 48 Days to the Work You Love Countdown: For Veterans  You have to register by Sunday, Nov 30th so jump in now.

Claudia Bartow just sent me a link to this – 21 Totally Free, Legal Image Sources for Bloggers

If you have a question you’d like me to address on the Online Radio Show – just shoot it to me here –

If you have questions about how to blog or post a discussion question, check out the helpful videos made by 48Days members.  

If you want to see who’s on our Advisory Team – you can check them out.

If you want to ask a question for my weekly podcast – do that here.

If you have a suggestion for the community, you can share that here –Suggestion Box is not a just a “social” network – but rather a place with real tangible tools to take your success to a higher level.  Keep us all informed about your challenges – and wins.


And now, back to that poor donkey.  Tied to a 6’ rope with a delectable bale of hay just 8’ away.  Well, it turns out the other end of that rope wasn’t tied to anything.  The donkey can go anywhere he chooses to go.

Isn’t it true that often we think there are obstacles to our success when they don’t really exist anywhere but in our own mind.

My advice – start walking toward that new goal today.  I’ll bet there’s nothing that can stop you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I’m thankful for each of you.

Stay Inspired,

Dan Miller

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