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A listener thinks he may be the ultimate fool – bad resume, time gaps, industry changes, terminations, and family damage as a result. Yet in pointing the finger at himself, he has already moved toward the solution. If you know your thinking or actions have been “foolish” you have turned the corner to becoming wise. PLUS: a direct click-to list of work from home opportunities.

Episode #655 March 15, 2019

Hi, this is Dan Miller – and yes you’re listening to the 48 Days Radio show – where each week we take 48 minutes to dive into real life questions about finding your passion, deciding what kind of life you want to live – and then finding or creating work that allows you to show up every day, excited to be able to do something that is meaningful, fulfilling – and profitable.  This is where normal, indecision and ambiguity come to die.  Welcome to the 48 Days Radio Show.


1. I was hoping it wasn’t true but I have found that I am a fool.

2. I was also diagnosed with MS a few years back. Can you please give me your thoughts on working from home?

3. When do I need to make my side gig an official business with the government?

4. I’m afraid I’d be inspired by being a member of the Eagles community but also overwhelmed and would get a lot less done instead of more.

5. Should I apply for a job when I don’t have all of the company’s required qualifications?


“A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” — Proverbs 18:2Click To Tweet


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