This cow does more than make milk

A couple of years ago I recommended looking at Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow.  I ordered it immediately when it was released and was one of the fortunate ones who received the book in an actual milk carton.  Seth is a radical marketing guy who makes the case that black, white, and brown cows don’t get our attention – but a Purple Cow; now that would make us look.  He uses this same thinking in helping you look at your business and career – how can you make it remarkable? 

Here’s a followup book for readers titled 99 Cows.  Here’s the entire 120-page book with the 99 ideas ready for you to adopt, use and profit from.  The book is free, and yes, I have his permission to give it to you.  One idea here could transform your level of success:99 Cows

Keep in mind this book was released in 2003 – some of the links may no longer be active.  Hey ideas change.

Many of you have been here to The Sanctuary.  And most of you had previously been to a seminar in a normal conference room or hotel facility.  Do you remember how much you enjoyed the boring hotel setting?  Or do you have a lasting memory of being here at The Sanctuary with the wild turkeys eating out front, the water fall in front of my office window, the zipline being demonstrated by my granddaughters, and the big red Famous Dave’s truck that grilled our hamburgers right here in the yard? 

Check out 99 Cows – just to stimulate your own explosion of great ideas.  You probably know that I promote reading good books as the quickest way to transform your success.  We are told that only 1 in 7 college graduates ever goes into a bookstore.  If you read one book a year, you’re in the top 3%.  The Associated Press tells us one in four adults read no books at all in the past year.  If you’re in that category don’t expect your level of success to change this year – or next year.  Okay, maybe you listen to audio books – that’s cool.  But be absorbing the content of great books. 

Here’s my recommended reading list

And speaking of reading – why don’t you join our 48Days Countdown – get 10 copies of 48 Days to the Work You Love for only $48 and invite 9 of your friends to dream, plan and act – to make 2015 the year you’ve been dreaming of.

Okay, so what’s your “purple cow?”  What about you or your product is truly remarkable?

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