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The Group Dynamics report is a powerful way to gain insights for your whole team! Utilize any of our profile options – Classic, Christian, Fitness or Sales, and then pull up to 70 reports together for an analysis of how they all work together!

Complete with pie charts and summaries on each style, this is an incredible way to get an overall feel of a group and how they will work together as a team.



*Note – you must purchase 5 or more of our other profiles in order to utilize this tool. This is not to take a profile, but a compilation report that analyzes the reports already taken. You can use this with Classic, Sales, Christian Gifts/Values or Fitness reports

We will manually set you up – expect an email from us shortly after your purchase with next steps to get you all set up. You will need to provide us the names/email addresses of the people you want to include in the report.

Here is a summary of all it includes:


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We love using DISC Personality Profiles here at 48 Days.  All of our 48 Days Coaches are certified in DISC because we truly believe in the power of these profiles to aid in self-awareness and really recognizing what plays into your strengths.

These are backed by years of validity testing and was originally created by William Marston in the early 1920s. With a mere 24-questions (that’s less than 20 minutes to take), it’s amazing to see what an in-depth report you get back. This provides an incredibly intuitive baseline for understanding yourself and leveraging your natural tendencies.

This report is a 20-minute, scientific series of questions and answers that quantifies your natural tendencies and lays them out in a report that provides an insightful view of “who you are” in a work environment.

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Using these in your company will give you quick access to:

  • Understanding the personality style of each team member (and even more insight into your customers)
  • Motivational Characteristics of their behavioral style
  • Communication DOs and DON’Ts
  • PowerDISC – discover their strengths
  • Action Plan – to improve interpersonal skills
  • Their Unique Selling Style – not just how they sell, but how they can best sell to each personality style based on who they are

Curious what all DISC is, really? Check out this blog post to dig deeper into what it means.


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