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Get a full overview of not only your personality style, but your Spiritual Gifts and Values as well! This report compiles three assessments into one to get all the resources you get with the Classic report, plus a deeper dive into those spiritual gifts that can deepen your Christian walk and help you rise up in leadership utilizing the gifts and values that line up with your unique personality style.

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Benefit from all three of the reports that we use with all our coaching. You can take them all immediately and have enough personal insight into yourself to make a plan of action for your life.

This includes the 48 Days Classic ProfilePLUS


The Spiritual Gifts Profile

The Spiritual Gifts inventory is designed to help you understand possible areas of gifting in your life and the areas of ministry in which you can actively be involved. The lists of gifts is not all-inclusive but instead focuses on 20 areas of gifting that can be correlated to actual positions of service within the church body and community.


The Values Style Profile

The Values Style Profile helps us understand our internal value system which we use daily to make judgments about tasks, relationships, issues, events, and goals. Most everything a person does has its root in their Values Style, from how they handle relationships, to how they advance their career, and relate to co-workers, family and friends.

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