Creating a Haven of Peace


“SANCTUARY! SANCTUARY! SANCTUARY!” yells Quasimodo (the Hunchback of Notre Dame) as he enters the cathedral to escape his tormentors. What is Sanctuary? A place of asylum and immunity. A place of peace and unconditional love. A place to escape from the everyday stressors of life. An attainable retreat accomplished through intentional living.




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Find the formula for creating Sanctuary in your own home.  Create an escape from the busyness and chaos surrounding families today. “Creating a Haven of Peace” provides very attainable steps toward creating the life you desire:

  • How to incorporate the five senses to turn your home into a Sanctuary of peace and love that supersedes the “security” one might think money can provide 
  • How to ensure relationship trumps all in building a foundation for success 
  • How “being your own boss” isn’t all it’s cut out to be and the myths and realities of living the unpredictable entrepreneurial life 
  • How “the ugly year” turned into success and unexpected life change, and how you can change your own life story

This is what we have worked hard to provide for our children and now our grandchildren. But our desires to create a sanctuary has touched lives far and beyond our own family. In the year 2000, we came out of a valley of financial debt and inability to own a home and into God’s provision of the home where we currently reside. There is a wonderful story about how this happened and how blessed we felt, but most important to this story is that we knew without a doubt God had provided this acreage for us to bless others. To create the Haven of Peace we had longed for, worked hard for, and envisioned in our hearts. To create a Sanctuary. 

You can implement these three steps towards creating your own Haven of Peace and make a difference today: 

  • Sincerely compliment three people in the next three days.
  • Buy fresh flowers or pick them from your yard today. Place them where the beauty and fragrance fill the room with JOY.
  • Unplug the TV tonight and play Scrabble, Checkers or Candyland with someone you love.

In beginning her own marriage, Joanne Miller determined to change her family tree and break free from the cycle of divorce, poverty and sometimes violent behaviors of her upbringing. She intentionally laid out a pattern of peace and unconditional love for her family and that decision has served her well.

Creating a Haven of Peace describes the decorating ideas, meals, games and celebrations that built her family’s respect, laughter, and lasting relationships. She has found these principles to be easily shared and implemented by a growing audience of grateful families. Joanne’s examples of how to create an atmosphere of peace and love in spite of your circumstances or bank account will equip you with the tools to make your own home a sanctuary for anyone who enters.

I have watched Joanne create a haven of peace since the beginning of our marriage. Our first home, a little trailer on the campus of The Ohio State University, was always a coveted meeting place for our neighbors and friends. Years later our family nights drew our children’s friends away from TV and cheap entertainment to the laughter and games in our house. Today I walk into the aroma of great food or candles and hear music that calms my spirit, no matter what the day has brought. While Joanne has written other books, Creating a Haven of Peace is her magnum opus. This is the true essence of her life and message to open to door for others to create their own haven of peace.

Married almost five decades to best-selling author Dan Miller (48 Days to the Work You Love), Joanne Miller is a writer, speaker, artist, and proud grandmother of sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild!

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