Be Your Finest Art Book – Case of 10


I’m just not that creative.

I don’t have the time to create.

I can’t come up with any of my own ideas.

I wouldn’t know where to start.

Is it okay to “copy” someone else?


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How do we not lose ourselves when we are raising families and fostering everyone else’s creativity?

Dan’s wife, Joanne, knows these questions well, and at the age of sixty-two, finally picked up her first paintbrush.  Her artistic journey didn’t start until her last child had left for college, and she was left trying to discover her significance beyond being a wife and a mother.

Artist Dorsey McHugh has her own story of squelched art, when her creative endeavors were criticized when she was a young child – leaving her to deny any creativity until her forties when she finally picked it back up again.

These two amazing women take you through their own journeys as well as inspire you to embark on your own in this “picture book for grown-ups”.

Listen to Joanne’s interviews on this book and the topics in it here:

Be Your Finest Art, Awaken Your Creative Self has been called a picture book for grownups.  Not just a book about art and creativity; this book is a piece of art in itself.

Meant to be picked up and thoroughly enjoyed – both visually and mentally, this book is full of examples of people who express their creativity in ways beyond holding a paint brush, singing a song or creating a poem.

Joanne Miller has joined forces with fine artist Dorsey McHugh to inspire and teach that we are all creative if we take time to explore all we have within us.

Be Your Finest Art shows how engaging the right brain enables one to improve physical and emotional health, creates stronger relationships and opens new pathways of learning.

Their hope is that you will rediscover the joy of childhood abandon and reclaim your authenticity.  And through it all, they want you to relearn the importance of PLAY!

This book makes a wonderful gift for someone who needs encouragement to express his/her own creative nature.

The Be Your Finest Art Journal is a great accompaniment to your Be Your Finest Art book for anyone who wants to stretch their right brain.

Included are exercises to “wake” up your senses and your ability to experience your world with greater clarity and excitement and blank journal pages for you to doodle, think and create.

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