Coaching 101 Program


The Coaching 101 Program covers the nuts and bolts of coaching – topics include:

  • What is Coaching?
  • Coaching Business Basics
  • Facilitating Client Progress
  • Business Growth
  • Producing Results
  • Unique Business Tools

Complete with a business planning guide, the “Coaching Competency Overview”, this is a great DIY approach to learning the basics of building a coaching business.

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If you are truly serious about being a coach, our best option is connecting with one of our coaches.. Not only will you be certified by 48 Days, but you will have six months of in-depth training to ensure you not only understand the business of coaching, but also how to make it a profitable business. If, however, you want to just look at the core “nuts and bolts” of coaching first, our Coaching 101 Program is a great start.

Here are some of the components of the 48 Days Coaching 101 program:

  • Worksheets and Audio Lessons – You’ll receive worksheets for each session and a full audio (48-60 minutes) of Dan walking you through the principles, both of doing the coaching and of running your business.
  • Full Transcripts – There are roughly six hours of audio broken up into six sessions – we provide the full transcript in an easy-to-read PDF format
  • Videos – There are three videos throughout the session, incorporating additional ideas and breaking up the audio.
  • Track Your Progress – This is all set up through – you can take notes during the process, track where you are, and watch slides that go along with the audio – it’s a virtual classroom!
  • Competency Overview Form – This is a 15-page outline to help you describe your own understanding of coaching and to flesh out the business components that will ensure your success. Use this as a worksheet to fill out and assess where you are in your coaching business.  At this point, you may seriously want to consider upgrading to the Coaching Mastery Program.  This overview is a critical component of the full program, and when you go through the full program to be a 48 Days Certified Coach, this piece is the critical “assessment” Ashley walks through with you in her coaching to verify you as a 48 Days Certified Coach.



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