My parents don’t support my dreams!

should I give up my dreams to please my parents

A listener asks: should I give up my dreams to please my parents? When I put this phrase in a Google search it gave me 48,800,000 results. Apparently that’s a challenge for quite a few people. You can love your parents but don’t let them bury your dreams. Everyone will end up resentful. Go ahead and surprise them by being successful! 

Episode #686 October 18, 2019

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How do I reboot my career? I want to transition to environmental science from personal finance.

With a Bachelor of Business Administration degree like you have, you can really go in any direction you want.

But if you’ve had your own business in personal finance, it’s going to be tough to duplicate that income with a job in environmental science.

Rather than just trying to get a job in environmental science, which may require additional education, look for the products you could sell that are on the cutting edge of environmental science.

We have a member in the 48 Days Eagles Community who is selling a high-end product — towel warmers — and makes $200,000/year net profit.

I’m working right now on the 20th Anniversary Edition of 48 Days To the Work You Love. I share the story of Josh, who was a blacksmith and is now a $100,000/year software developer. He spent seven months spending 20 hours a week studying free online courses and tutorials and never set foot into college or got a college degree. He wrote a book about how he did that and then turned it into a course.

Josh says passion, real-word skills and experience can open many unexpected doors.

Don’t see yourself as just an employee. Instead, see yourself as an independent business person.

I am 40+ trying to make a career switch from admin assistant to teaching.

Look beyond the traditional thoughts of teaching. You could teach Google executive’s kids, be a trainer for just 10 days a month for $240,000/year.
Look for the unique opportunities that fall under the category of teaching.

Should I give up on my dreams to please my parents?

When I Googled this question, I got 48 million results, so you are definitely not the only one to feel this way. Should you give up your dreams to please your parents? 

The big question is who is paying the bills? If he does, then he should be able to make his own decision about how he spends his time and creates his income.

We need to allow our parents to have their opinions. Many of them were raised in a different time. They are doing the best they can with what they know.

But don’t let them snuff out your dreams. There is no winning in that.

Acknowledge their opinions and perspectives. But stay true to your dreams.

Show your ability to live on your own and support yourself financially.

Work hard, build around your dream and expand on it.

Have fun.

I’ve been unemployed since May – should I start my own business? 

I’m a big believer in having your own business. But this isn’t something you do just because you can’t find a job.

You have to have the right mindset, the right idea and the right network for your business to succeed.
Make a list of 20 things you know you could do in business. Then narrow that list down based on what you know about yourself to 4 or 5 really great ideas. Do a little bit more research. Choose one and act.
Make sure the business you are looking at is a good fit for your personality.

Why shouldn’t my son get a degree in game design?

I’m not sure it requires a college degree to enter the world of game design.

Universities tend not to be industry leaders in most areas.

Listen to last week’s podcast to hear what this listener is referring to.




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