Coffee Bag Resume leads to dream position

Here’s a note I just received from Aaron Killian – and I’m sharing this with his permission –
I hope you’re doing well! I wanted to follow up with you with regards to my “coffee bag resume” that I sent you in November of 2011.
The coffee bag resume *did* work!
Coffee Bag Resume

Coffee Bag Resume

Here’s my whole story, Dan:

I have a degree in Broadcasting from the University of Tennessee, but straight out of college, I took a job producing educational videos. It was a great “j-o-b” for four years, but not quite the calling I wanted for my life. Then I took a position as a marketing director with an area nonprofit for about five years, but I always wanted to get into the world of broadcasting

However, I couldn’t quite figure out how to get noticed and differentiate myself from the dozens of resumes these media outlets get on practically a weekly basis.

Then one day after reading 48 DAYS TO THE WORK YOU LOVE I had an idea: I’ll slap my face on the front of a coffee bag, put my resume on the back, and send it out to area media outlets.

Wouldn’t you know it: IT WORKED!

In fact, with a little follow-up, I received over half a dozen interviews because of that coffee bag resume! (One media outlet was so impressed that within a week they interviewed me for three different positions with their company!)

Ultimately, I landed with the number one radio group in the market as they were so impressed with my skills that they CREATED a position for me.

After eighteen months with them, a local television station took notice of me, approached me about a position with them, and after a handful of interviews, they offered me a position.

I’ve been in my current position almost a year, and I feel that your books and strategies inspired me to do things a little differently in my job search.You’re the one who inspired me to find new ways to think outside the box and send in something other than just a plain old resume and cover letter!  I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, Dan Miller!

Thank you, Dan!

All the best,  Aaron

What creative ideas have you used to “get noticed and differentiate yourself” from the thousands of job applicants who are looking for their dream jobs?

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