And the times, they are a’changin

Change we can count on – but that doesn’t mean opportunities are decreasing.  True, not all change is progress, but all progress does require change.  Embrace the change by positioning yourself for new options.Money -- woman

I recently worked with a young lady who had lost her job, making in the mid 70s.  Panicked and convinced she could never find another job in that income range, she had decided she would have to start her own business.  However, after identifying her unique “areas of competence” I advised against that and encouraged her to do a creative job search.  In a short period of time she had two offers on the table; the clearly better fit had offered her a base salary of $89,000.  We discussed the offer, the fact that it was a great fit, and I encouraged her to go back and negotiate a better deal.  They settled at a base of $94,000 with some additional benefits bringing her package to approximately $105,000.

Now this is in a market where “noone is hiring,” we are in a “recession,” and unemployment is increasing.  Be careful of the generalities.  All you need is one right opportunity.  The sky is not falling – economists and naysayers will always be pessimistic about the future.  Our current politicians and media experts desperately try to bring us bad news.  You don’t have to get caught up in that perspective.  Just remember, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

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